Re:Creators│Everyone Having Flight is too much…


Re: Creators definitely has an interesting idea. I really like the concept of bringing fictional characters to life although I have to admit this is very similar to the Fate/Series.

There isn’t much to really talk about, while I like the concept it doesn’t really stand out to me too much. At the same time, Re: Creators did 2 things that really stuck to me.

The most defined subject that I’ll be talking about is having flight as a standard ability. I understand that anime has gotten comfortable with just allowing everyone to fly in the air or float even if it doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense. However, I do not think this is always a good idea but to explain why it’s a terrible idea, I think I should explain what pros flight has.

Re: Creators is clearly going for that “shounen” kind of vibe or more so something like Fate/Series. The characters that come to life generally are ones that have a calling to battle and the ability of flight being thrown out to everyone does widen the battlefield as you are not really limited by gravity. This could make for some epic aerial battles but in my honest opinion, it shouldn’t be needed. If you had watched the Fate/Series, you know that while they do have one or two aerial battles they don’t give flight to all the characters because it’s overkill. They already know they can make pretty awesome fights without it as they knew exactly how to choreograph their characters. You don’t need to give flight to every fighting character in the show to create an epic fight; if anything it makes it that much weaker because by just giving every character flight you are saying: “We don’t know how to create an epic fight while obeying the laws of gravity!“. It shows how uncomfortable you are and you honestly shouldn’t be doing an anime like this in the first place.

On top of that, everyone just having flight doesn’t really make sense… Now, a lot of anime do explain it but I have a feeling Re: Creators isn’t gonna go quite that far. I think the fact that these characters came to life magically somehow justifies that they are all capable of flight, at least in their mind.


That’s really it, like I said, not much to talk about. Although, there was a scene where Celestia was floating in the air and she saw Souta, our protagonist, from a distance. Earlier, she did slightly graze the side of his neck with her sword so she asked if he was okay. But they didn’t exchange dialogue as she was too far away for him to hear her so she used what was basically sign language in order to ask if his neck was okay and as he nodded his head in response she then waved “goodbye”. I shit you not, this scene was oddly one of the most beautifully animated scenes I’ve ever seen. You really have to see it for yourself and like the animation isn’t spectacular, it’s pretty standard but the animation in this scene along with the music just made it so emotional. I could tell substantial work went into this scene, probably more than any other parts of this episode. The scene that follows up after kind of ruins it but it’s still a scene that I think I will remember forever, weirdly enough.

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8 thoughts on “Re:Creators│Everyone Having Flight is too much…

    1. I don’t think everyone having flight is really a form of diversifying the anime or more specifically the fight scenes. The thing is that, while a ton of anime with flight make sense of it; it’s a pretty common thing. It’s been repeatedly done for awhile now. My first anime was Bleach and even with the gravity restrictions basically nullified, I wholeheartedly prefer Fates fighting scenes. My favorite in terms of fighting and sheer choreography will always be Rwby because of Montys innovative style of fast- paced action intermingled with amazingly diverse weapon designs. There is always ways to make fighting animation interesting and you don’t even have to be original but I guess everyone having flight just appears to me like the “easy mode” to make fighting look appealing.

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      1. Ah yes, that was a great fight. Although, it was post- Monty era so despite it having it’s own style; Can’t say it’s the one I prefer.

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      2. I know that it’s exactly like you said. Monty’s choreography was incredible and not saying that the new RWBY volumes choreography is bad, because it’s actually very good, but I’m saying that it’s just not exactly like how Monty done it

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  1. I totally agree with you about that scene being so well done, it was realy good. I also think that you are quite right about everyone having flight being overkill, but in some sense could some people think that the flight actually really defines this anime from others like the fate series.

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