Grimoire of Zero│Well, this is different.


Grimoire of Zero AKA zero kara hajimeru mahō no sho has an identity crisis which is probably a bigger problem than the creators thought. Because people will naturally call it “Zero” which will confuse it for many other anime by the likes of Zero no Tsukaima or Re:Zero. So, I am just going to call it “Grim” and I would very much appreciate it if you all called it that as well because I really do wanna raise awareness for this anime.

The reason is simple: this anime is SO different and I know different doesn’t necessarily mean “good” but based on what I saw I did like it but at the same time I have no idea what to say about this anime other than “it’s different”! Which is even better than an anime that I know will be good because I understand it as I’ve seen anime similar to it before, at least, to me. It’s a really intriguing anime that I have no idea where it will lead to but then you might think “Oh, then it doesn’t make sense, right?” No, the story just based on episode 1 is very straight- forward but I’m not really gonna spoil it as I want people to try this out. However, it’s hard because it is a new anime that hasn’t really been marketed all that well on top of that it’s competition is extremely stiff with the likes of Boku no Hero Academia S2Attack On Titan S2 and even some newcomers like Clockwork Planet and unfortunately Sakura Quest, make sense of that as you will.

Which yeah, brings up the fact that it’s obviously not a genre that appeals to the general audience as most people like comedy anime nowadays. Nonetheless, I think the moment this anime started I was confused and when I wrapped my head around the situation I was still confused but my face just lit up! Confused because this really feels like a completely new adventure that I have never seen before but happy for that very reason! It’s a lot like the first time I watched Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis. I cannot promise you’ll like it but believe me when I say it’s worth checking out. Thank you!

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