Gin No Guardian First Impression (by Mr. Zen)

How’s it going there everyone it’s Mr. Zen here taking over the anime prince’s blog as he is stepping off the throne to handle some important international businesses. I kid, as you all are aware he mentioned that he was going on a hiatus for a certain time period. On a brighter note, you have the one and only Mr. Zen here to bring you some quality related anime content and as for the first post that I will conduct it will be my first impression of  gin no guardian.

A spring 2017 anime no doubt folks as this anime is trying to compete with the big names like attack on Titan, Boku no hero academia and dragon Ball z because this anime tries to entice the viewer that the anime will be jam packed with full action scenes. Yes it seems like it’s going to be an action based anime on the first episode, but as the second episode continues we see that the story completely changes and the viewers learn more about the characters back story. The main character seems generic in terms of being a pathetic school wimp that is head over heels over the popular girl and has no chance of getting with her due to social standards. I.e. working class. Yes shounen qualities, but that just means more room for growth so the author can work with as the story goes on. The main character was overpowered in the first episode so we all have to wonder how he got there. I did like however, that the main character had some spunk as he reminded a bit of myself due to the kid working odd jobs just to make some cash on the side. Good job there!  Now the humor of the show was light hearted and was not just thrown out of random to change the pace of the story so I’ll give it props there. Now people were throwing some backlash in terms of the 3d action that was incorporated in the first episode but honestly,  I didn’t think it affected it all as the animation was smooth in terms of what they were trying to represent. Again these are the first couple of episodes so of course the story can’t go all out as they have to give in a little mystery towards the story haha. Gin no guardian I would say is one of those animes that has a solid character but the overall execution is being used horribly, but that’s due to the time lot that is given as each episode runs about 10 minutes long. Yes folks no kidding… in 10 minutes it’s over in a jiffy.

Haoliners animation studio is in charge of production and personally since it’s a Chinese manga adaption I would say it’s passable in terms of getting a different experience for the viewers. The anime is meant more for a younger generation that is not familiar with the video game anime genre since there are plenty of other anime that has better execution. Haoliners are pretty good in executing action based animes in other works so lets give gin no guardian a chance and sees how it holds out as it’s an anime that can be seen on the go quickly. In the end…

What are your guys thoughts on the anime as i personally found the anime aadorable in terms of how the action is used but if given a longer run time the anime would probably have potential to be great.

Did you all enjoy it or did you guys think that Chinese adaption animes are not worth your time? Let me know down in the comments below and this is Mr Zen filling in for the anime prince, as always zenkai your soul everyday!


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