One Piece Chapter 863 Predictions (By Mr. Zen Lopez)

How’s it there folks its Mr. zen here filling in for the anime prince and for today’s segment we are going to talk about One Piece, a long lasting shounen manga

In the previous chapter 862 we see oda is going all out with the wedding ceremony as Sanji, pudding, luffy, dogtooth, big mom, capone and the vinsmoke family are all in position to get involved in mayhem.

So many questions pertaining from the chapter that leads on and that is what is going to happen in future events. So fr with pudding everyone has speculations that pudding is getting redemptions. Yikes, so what does that mean for the strawhats? A possible Ally? Or a villain bent on trying to escape the strawhats and big mom as well. I personally find that maybe pudding will change throughout the course of the arc because pudding may be at least working with Capone. For Pete’s sake, her homie was Capone little soul in some jelly substance so that could be a foreshadowing element thrown at us viewers by Oda himself. The reason i find that pudding will not join the strawhats because her character seems forced  if she were to join the strawhats this early in the yonkou saga. I could be wrong and maybe she will join Luffy on his adventures but needless to say, expect this character to give us a surprise in upcoming chapters.


Now I do want to talk about dogtooth and to who he will be fighting, and of course many are speculating that it’s none other than Sanji! He dodged dogtooths jellybean attack that made even one of big mom sweet commanders panic for just a sec. It seems that the power of clairvoyance is a hindrance when there is a greater power in front of the character. Sanji may not be physically stronger than dogtooths but sanji’s observation haki seems to be questionable. Did sanji’s observation haki awaken or was he just really lucky?  It seems that Oda has some explaining to do there. Seeing dogtooths ability go out would be interesting to see or if not dogtooths at least sanji’s. Sanji’s has not had that much screen time in this arc battle wise and seeing him fight against big mom sweet commanders would be an interesting storytelling perspective. Seeing doable jambs in different forms or what sanji’s learned in his 2year training would be the best opportunity to see in this arc.


Last but not least the vinsmokes seem to be nonchalantly there at the wedding oblivious as to what’s going on around them…Or so we think!

I feel that these characters are plotting at least a defense against an all out war. There has to be a logical reasoning as to why judge vinsmokes is so calm because of a backup plan. Maybe judge is actually setting his eyes on the territory of  totland or devil fruit power of big mom. Judge seems like a logical person so he must be waiting for his chance to strike.

I can see ichiji and Niji facing off against big mom an her homies because that would be an epic climax to the story. Seeing the vinsmokes in action has been teased at us viewers from the start and we have all been itching to see big mom face against an opponent on screen. Also maybe we will get to see if judge vinsmokes has also improved himself for a fight against big mom. Like I said, he seems like the planning type.

What are your guys thoughts on theories and predictions on the later chapters? Let me know down in the comments below and as always zenkai your soul everyday! This is Mr Zen filing in for the anime prince , peace!


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