Boku No Hero Academia, & the Growing Popularity!(by Mr Zen Lopez)

How’s it going there folks it’s Mr. Zen here filling in for the anime prince with a brand new blog post and for today’s blog I’m going to be discussing about Boku No Hero Academia and it’s ever growing popularity in the anime community.

Boku no hero academia popularity grew exponentially ever since the anime came out last year in the spring of 2016. The anime is not even old in terms of other shounen genres which goes along to say that Boku no hero is going to stay here a while! The reason because thanks to Crunchyroll simulcasting dubbing the show in Japanese and in English the second season continues to bring in new and old comers alike. I personally find that the spring of 2017 will bring the anime community stronger than ever.

Ever since the conclusion of Naruto and bleach, and pretty soon fairy tail the manga industry needs another marketable manga to bring children & adults of all ages together. One piece is still standing on strong but it’s by itself as many of the famous shounen manga are dwindling.

Personally, Boku no hero took the mantle after Naruto was done because certain themes of friendship, overcoming hardships and of course the oh so ever tournament arc present early in the story, similar as Hunter x Hunter as well. Naruto and midoriya share a striking resemblance where both characters are given powers that each hold  so much  responsibility at such an early age. A trait many shounen characters embody to give the character a sense of duty and honor for young readers to emphasize. Either that or shounen stories resemble quite a little after reading a couple of their character arcs. In any case Boku no hero of course would be the right candidate to take over Naruto supreme legacy in a fashionable style for both kids and adults.

Boku no hero also came in at the right time with the help of One punch man, another amazing anime series and manga product. The hero theme struck strong amongst the anime community since one punch man and it’s action themed story was all about action, like a Quentin Tarantino film made into anime. Flashy and adrenaline pumped scenes of fighting makes the reader was to see how heroes take action!  Full of action scenes that compelled the reader to read more action varient panels, but that’s not the idea here on this blog. Boku no hero stems more of a slice of life within the young protagonists because of itsthe in between time that Boku no hero rests more on . By constructing a story in this manner characters are able to grow more upon the reader and are able to sympathesize more with each characters ordeals.  Boku no hero academia seems that it borrowed ideas from one punch man and actually gave concrete ideas such as characters, themes ,and plot because just like the synopsis, it’s the superhero origin of midoriya rise to be the best hero. By being more concrete the story of Boku no hero academia can be lasting for another 10 years even with spinoffs! 

Seeing side characters in their own manga spinoffs would be interesting to see because we can see how the character builds through world building while the main character is off doing his own topics. For example, seeing ururaka helping her parents have their lavish lifestyle after she became a pro hero while dealing with her own struggles. Fairy tail is also another prime example of word building through the use of side stories in other manga. The author has so much potential is frightening how the story can be pulled off.

The characters in Boku no hero academia are young and fresh to the market that the characters have so much to grow in order for the story to continue even at it’s early stages of production. We even are introduced to themes for the main character early in the story that questions the reader on how the main character will rise to top with or without his sensei. The theme of midoriya’s sensei all might has a prolonged death throughout the majority of the story that even to this day, question how long will all might survive in the story.  With so many characters surrounding the protagonists it’s no wonder that the story is exciting because there are so many fan favorites such as shoto todoriki who can whoop up ice and fire powersat once, fumikage a master controller of an ambient  shadow being in his body. Bakugo, an explosive character with a flashy power and ambitious personality that the cast of Boku no hero makes it story fluid when reading from the beginning.

The story of Boku no hero can and will leave an everlasting impression for the new age of manga readers and anime watchers. Even the female fans can relate because the female characters are not undershadowed. Instead it’s balanced with even powerful female leads that heck young female readers can enjoy!

So what are your guys thoughts on Boku no hero academia and it’s growing popularity?

Let me know down in the comments below and this is Mr. Zen filling in for the anime prince , zenkai your soul everyday!


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