Back from Hiatus│Time to Talk About My Regrets…

Aye friends! I am “technically” back from hiatus and more on that later but before I list the many reasons of why I am probably never going on an official hiatus like this ever again; I should get formalities n’ all that out of the way first like a professional- ish kind of guy that I am or whatever…

Firstly, this is a very personalized post. So, it’s handled very carelessly and isn’t really well done. This is just me expressing my thoughts and detailing my experiences the past few weeks; If you read the rest of this post, it shows how much you care so I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart!

I wanna thank Mr.Zen Lopez for stepping in for me, I appreciate ya bud! Be sure to follow his blog, he’s new around here so hopefully some of you have taken a liking to him.

Where blog posts are concerned; I’ll be posting regularly as I used to but I might slow down a little bit from time to time because I don’t wanna make blogging boring for myself, you get what I mean… Sometimes I just might do 1 post but as of right now I’ll be going back to around 3 a day.

As I mentioned, the reason for the hiatus was because I was working on my first 3D “character” model. Unfortunately, I have not really finished it. I finished the character model itself but just not everything is done like the clothes, props etc. but I will be finished with it very soon, I just won’t commit to it so hard as I did with this hiatus. That means I won’t be revealing the character as of right now but I will tell you that, and yes we’re all thinking it, the character model is a female. She’s an original character who will be part of the Fallen-Heart story which is a whole nother discussion for a different day.

With all that said, this brings me to the rant(y) part of this post… I didn’t completely enjoy myself on this hiatus. The first like.. 6 days was enjoyable because I was really indulging myself in the enjoyment of 3D modeling, a hobby I love to do and hope that I will someday make it my job! However, I learned that just as much as I love the creative versatility that comes with it; I still don’t like grounding myself to the same creative project for too much time. The reason I originally took the hiatus was because daily posts took a significant amount of time out of my day and I was making very little progress whenever I would work on the character model every day. I thought I was closer to finishing it than I really was, so, I thought I’d take a short hiatus to finish it. But I worked on it for literally every minute I had in the day; easily 12 hours every single day. The only other things I did was eat and sleep. I was bound to become sick of it eventually and while I still don’t dislike working on the character and still plan on finishing it. as it is my first character model and therefore the first experiment in which I can learn how to do future character models from, I definitely wasn’t having as much fun in the second half of my hiatus.

Not only was I starting to become sick of working on it but my body was and still is being affected from being on the computer, maintaining the same posture, for so long. At first, my shoulder was in a little bit of pain because I was repeating the same action with my keyboard while working on the mode (I was doing something quite repetitive). Most recently, I started getting a sharp pain in the side of my neck and I can still feel like it’ll hurt more if I move it even though 2 days have passed since it initially started. I took time to check in with a doctor and he advised me to stay in bed for a few days, so I’ve done minimal work on the character for the past 2 days.. Only putting in about 2 hours but in these 2 days while I was in bed reading the Tokyo Ghoul manga which I can 100% caught up with and more on that later, it’s INSANE!

Anyways, after this post goes up i’m going to be doing a massive pile of blog posts for 2 reasons:
1: Even though I am back, I would like to do that one thing I never do and listen to a doctor’s advice and just stay in bed (even though, I am clearly disobeying him right now…) which means for the next 2 or 3 days I’ll be off the computer but I’ll have posts scheduled in my absence and once I run out of posts I’ll likely be healed by then.

2: I’ve built up an urge to just start typing words down again, I’ve really missed doing this!

In my hiatus, it wasn’t a completely bad time; I’ve found a few joyful things to do like… Watch anime! (Wow, what a discovery!) I finished Coppelion which is a review I’ll have either later today or tomorrow. I won’t reveal what I think of it from a critical standpoint, but on a personal level… I can definitely say that I appreciate the work put into it. It was very apparent this anime had a lot of passion behind it. 4th episode of Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul was definitely a treat but I was wondering… How am I gonna do episodic posts? The thing about my episodic analysis’ is that I don’t really title it episodically because it’s just not really my kind of style. I wanted to do episodic posts for seasonal anime but that’s gonna be kind of hard now. Because my posts aren’t titled to be identifiable of what specific episode I am talking about it’s more expressive and I personally like it that way. I don’t really wanna change that to “Rage of Bahamut Episode 4 Analysis/Review” and no offense to those who do that but I prefer more expressive titles, I just feel that allows for a little more creativity. I think I’ll have to just have to make summary posts and mention which episodes are involved in said posts or do separate posts.. Ugh, I’ll think about on it later.

But what I MOSTLY did these past 2 days was read the Tokyo Ghoul manga! I know it isn’t appropriate as this is an anime- focused blog and I generally shouldn’t bring manga into it but… I don’t care, I’ll be talking about the Tokyo Ghoul manga! 😛

Admittedly, reading manga is gonna take a little getting used to as it’s just hard to understand certain things just go over my head. I actually didn’t know until an hour ago that Uta was… Well, I don’t wanna spoil. But let’s just say that Uta gets the best of both worlds and I don’t mean that he’s Hannah Montana (although, he has the ability to be, hmm…) Although, there’s one character out of all the new ones that really stuck out to me and that’s Mutsuki! Now, I don’t mean to say the others aren’t as good or even better but Mutsuki… Again, if you haven’t looked away by now, I am not responsible for spoiling but.. Mutsuki is the first well- developed yandere character I’ve ever seen and she’s a manga character! I just don’t think anime has adapted very good “yanderes” and there’s plenty of them; especially in anime I haven’t seen although I feel like I’ve seen almost all of the yanderes out there.. Honestly, there isn’t that many yanderes I think, I can only name a handful but I never took a liking to any of them as actual characters! Mutsuki is a well- developed character who just eventually… Well, let’s just say I like it when crazy girls set course for intercourse MOVING ON!

There’s a great many things to talk about but I’ll discuss the manga in separate post(s). With all that said, I’ll be cutting this post short here… That’s a good enough summary of how things have been for me so I thank everyone who has read this post, I am truly grateful!


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