Re:Creators│What If This Anime Used Recognizable Characters?

This is a topic I am surprised nobody has really brought up with the recent emergence of Re:Creators… This isn’t really me analyzing the anime or even talking about it but the concept Re:Creators puts forth in a more… “collaborative” perspective.

To be more precise, what if characters from other anime series were actually put into an anime like Re:Creators? Obviously the collaboration for that would be required but this is just a bit “WHAT IF” idea. What if a character from say… Kill La Kill appeared and a character from Berserk and so on, so forth? Tell me that wouldn’t be interesting! In my opinion, I don’t even think it’s an unlikely scenario to imagine. 

The only reason this isn’t a thing is because it’s extremely difficult if not impossible for studios to work together in collaboration to create something like this in our day and age. As you might’ve guessed, it’s because there wouldn’t be a way to profit from it, less so if they just made their own original anime or adapted anime from other works such as light- novels and video games etc. This isn’t just anime studios this goes back to pretty much the whole community of creators that professionally work to create these amazing otaku- related works for us. From VAs to mangakas (who some would argue has it the worst as they obviously put in an insane amount of work into their creations every single day yet get paid next to nothing) our creators have it rough but do the things they love because they love creating these things for us.


However, it’s almost impossible for an actual anime battle royale using pre- existing characters because having to split the profit between several different studios is impossible as of right now with just how little money studios earn right now. But eventually, I like to imagine that we will make things better for the things we love.. Anime, manga and all of otaku- related things will be able to profit and evolve. For now, all we can do is imagine and project how certain things would be like… I personally would like to see an official battle between Madara Uchiha vs Sailor Moon.. Call me sadistic but I think that would be.. “fun” to watch…

It doesn’t even have to all be fighting, in a manner of speaking. This could be a way to officially but un- canonically ship certain characters together that normally wouldn’t for those who like crossover ships. There’s really a lot of possibilities for something like this and honestly we just need to support the things we love in order to get that far.

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2 thoughts on “Re:Creators│What If This Anime Used Recognizable Characters?

  1. That really is a cool idea. And why not? Cross-overs have happened in comic books lots of times. Take Marvel vs DC for instance. So really, I could see something like that happening. In fact I am surprise it has not happened yet 😊

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    1. Western comics aren’t as troubled when it comes to earnings. Comic book heroes have even been adapted to big movies that help immensely! Unfortunately, it isn’t the same for Japanese studios and Manga artists and well, the otaku culture in general don’t actually earn a lot despite how much work they put into it. It’s been talked about a lot especially from several manga artists themselves.

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