RWBY Theory│Ozpin is Not The Wizard But…

A lot of people tend to theorize that Ozpin is the “Wizard”. I’ll be frank, that never made much sense to me. I can see why some would think that but past encounters suggest that is not the case, at least, that’s how I see it…

However, I am confident I know exactly what Ozpin actually is and I think you’ll agree with me that this theory is a lot more exciting.

If Ozpin isn’t the Wizard then how does the Wizard connect to the characters?

Well, the Wizard does connect through Ozpin. The only way for the Wizard’s presence to exist in the cast of characters is if someone in the cast has some deep connection to him and some would argue that the Wizard is still alive and someone, probably Ruby, will end up meeting the Wizard. To be honest, I think the Wizard has long since passed away. The Wizard, as shown in the fairy tale story, has aged tremendously which leads me to believe that he was never immortal.


If the wizard has been dead all this time then how does he connect with Ozpin?

The wizard is a very caring old man, at least that’s what we are led to believe. As he learns about the beauty of the world outside his cabin, he’s grown attached to not only the inhabitants of the World of Remnant but also for their future. Which leads to his relationship with Ozpin; an orphan boy found by the wizard himself and takes him in as his own son. As time passes, Ozpin has grown to view the wizard as a Father figure but understands that his Father, being the wizard, does not have much time left.

If Ozpin lived during the wizard’s time, shouldn’t he be long dead?

The wizard, originally took it upon himself to oversee the world. Despite giving the 4 maidens their power; the wizard understands that future maidens will not understand how to use their power and may even be misguided… The wizard needed someone he could fully trust to guide these maidens and oversee the world in his place. Just one sole entity that can move through time as time itself as to not pass this burden along to future generations. The wizard passed this job unto Ozpin.

To be more precise on what ability was exactly given to Ozpin; I’ll debrief you: Ozpin, his body, has long since died. Ozpin, the soul himself, moves from body to body like a maiden. Ozpin can only move from his current body to the next reincarnation as himself and each time he dies; a reincarnation of Ozpin is also born.


The worst thing about this is not that Ozpin has probably experienced death an innumerable amount of times but each time he hops into a new body, his soul collides with the younger soul. Ozpin, uncontrollably, forces this new soul to slowly disappear for as long as Ozpin remains in his new body. The current body, Oscar, will slowly disappear and Ozpin will take control of his body. Ozpin has had to repeat this tragedy over and over again and will have to until, literally, the end of time.

When you think about it, it’s even worse than being immortal. He repeatedly feels the pain of death, he watches his reincarnated versions slowly disappear as he grows to know and understand them. He’s probably even seen all his loved ones grow and die, maybe has even had children and all he could do is watch them die.

Then what exactly is Ozpin?

Ozpin is not the wizard but he is many things: He’s a witness to all the evils in the world. He’s a man who’s lived a hundred lives. He’s an observer who’s seen kingdoms rise and crumble. He’s time itself

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