Alderamin On The Sky│Bad Example of Character Dynamic


Alderamin On The Sky is an anime that suffers a lot from feeling so unnatural. Most notably, the characters are all so different yet so run of the mill. They feel stiff and that’s probably because they themselves hardly have any character progression except for the two main characters Ikta and Yatorishimo. However, even these characters have problems.

Whenever they face challenges that would normally be way over their heads, they are always able to find an easy path to victory because Ikta is just so much smarter than the rest of these human trash. Mostly because Ikta is a believer of science while the rest of the humans seem to be stuck in the old days and do not even comprehend what science even is. Now, I find Ikta to be oddly relateable in that sense but it makes him increasingly overpowered because it gives the impression that Ikta could literally do anything so long as he is combating with his wits and not his fists.

Which is where Yatorishimo comes in, she’s the brawn in this “relationship” but she’s also very intelligent as well. She’s very militaristic in terms of personality to parallel Ikta’s laid back and lazy personality. She lets Ikta do what he wants so long but also keeps him in check whenever he’s being pervy around other characters but she doesn’t emit any sort of interest in him as she isn’t really interested in romance at all. She just wants to do her duty and respects Ikta for his wits. That isn’t to say their relationship isn’t personal; we do get a lot of backstory to these characters and understand a little more about how their friendship started, even if the backstory given to us is a little hard to believe considering all the things that happened when they were just children yet they came out of it unscathed because Ikta handled the situation as calmly as a drunk man in a barn fire. 


Regardless, these characters knew each other for years and we are given knowledge of that. However, most of the dialogue exchanged between them feels so unnatural because they don’t really emit any emotions. They feel very robotic and talk like they know each other so well and I understand that they do! However, that doesn’t mean these characters should be completely emotionless. Although, just because you know someone for so long it doesn’t mean you can pretend like these characters know every expressive detail about one another. I understand the idea is to elevate these characters on a personal level all the while insinuating that they are clearly a cut above most humans… However, this is simply a bad example of character dynamic that doesn’t resonate with anyone because it’s such an unrealistic relationship.

Yes, there are other characters in the show. However, even the other main characters have no real background to speak of. They hardly get any development, they are mostly there to be really good at something or have “heart” and carry on Ikta’s orders. The only character that was any good was Kanna. Her role as a character was to elevate Ikta and give him a little more purpose to fighting the… fight. I admit, I liked her association with Ikta and I think she played her role off as well as she could but ultimately the character she was supposed to elevate was already way up there in terms of ego and extremely uninteresting.

The characters were all very unnatural and unrealistic which is what I feel was the major downfall of Alderamin On The Sky…

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5 thoughts on “Alderamin On The Sky│Bad Example of Character Dynamic

  1. While I’ve not seen this series, I felt like the way you described Ikta is a lot like how I felt about Kirito from SWO. The focus was predominately on him (and sometimes Asuna)the entire series; with little progression of the supporting cast.

    Similar to what you mentioned about Ikta having the ability to sort out difficult situations with relative ease, Kirito suffers from the same superior complex.

    While I had this series on my “to watch” list for awhile, it seems that it might leave me disappointed in the end. Thank you for your thoughtful, honest review.

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  2. I agree with you, had expected much more of this show, but in the end was quite disappointed by it. And it was a pretty open ending as well unfortunately. I have to agree with Karandi though, pretty much the only two characters that I enjoyed were Ikta and Yattori 😊

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  3. I kind of liked Ikta and Yattori though I will admit the rest of the characters are just kind of there. Sometimes you even wonder why they are still there given they don’t seem to be doing much.

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