Character Trial 21: Stella Vermillion


Stella Vermillion is princess to the Vermillion family. She was nicknamed as “Crimson Princess”. She’s a very kind but impulsive woman who is viewed as a prodigy when it comes to her strengths.

Stella isn’t someone who is paranoid or jumps to conclusions but gets very angry when it is obvious that another girl is trying to make a move on Ikki. Stella has erotic dreams about Ikki.

Stella wields many powerful abilities along with her sword “Laevateinn”.

Sometimes wonders if Ikki is a homosexual due to despite being given the opportunity, he cucks himself.

That last fact is true; there is no reason to look into it as everything you read on here is factual and not sometimes littered with satirical jokes.

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2 thoughts on “Character Trial 21: Stella Vermillion

  1. Honestly I think Chivalry of a Failed Knight is pretty darn awesome for its genre because it really gets to show some realistic emotions how these kids are falling in love, getting confused, worry and building their relationships, Stella in my opinion portrays these emotions very well and is a character that many could relate to. I also think that this anime has more realistic sinarioes compared to Asterisk War to their fights and fanservice sinarioes.

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