Granblue Fantasy│How To Waste Dialogue


As it stands, Granblue Fantasy has a lot of problems but the one that most sticks out to me is how useless a certain little critter is and how it affects the entirety of the series…

I’ve expressed how important dialogue is before and it’s something that is exponentially crucial to story progression but it’s also something that’s part of the character and his or her personality.

But nobody wastes the potential of dialogue better than Vyrn! Who is the topic of conversation. In order to discuss why Vyrn is such a useless character, we have to also talk about “Gran”… They share a dynamic similar to that of Shaggy and Scooby- Doo except not entertaining whatsoever. The thing with Gran is that he’s the protagonist; he’s obligated to exchange dialogue with the other characters in order to progress the story and while he plays that role efficiently, he lacks any personality to speak of. Now that we’ve established that Gran is uninteresting, Vyrn is almost completely the same. He has the typical personality of being the competitive and bitter but loyal companion who also eats a lot.

Vyrn’s attitude problem aside, he’s, as of right now (ep. 5), as useless as a flying bat. The reason is simple: he takes up an ample amount of screen time as a main character but any dialogue he’s ever given to the show has never actually progressed the plot. You see, Vyrn is a common form of comedic relief where he responds to casual embarrassment in the form of a defensive reaction. Similar to a tsundere. Gran is the lovable idiot (at least he’s supposed to be) and Vyrn is his comedic companion that acts like he’s a little smarter than him. Hence, the similarity to the Shaggy/Scooby dynamic.

The only problem is that it’s never entertaining, I’ve personally never laughed at their interactions; especially any time Vyrn was on the screen. Vyrn is the same with every other character and that just makes it less special which means he provides nothing at all.

Although, I understand if people have taken some liking to him and his antics. Comedy is probably the most subjective thing in the world and while I cannot find any humor in his character; I’m sure others have.

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2 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy│How To Waste Dialogue

  1. Interesting. I hadn’t really spent enough time thinking about Vyrn (given I just kind of ignore his poor attempts at comedy) to realise just how little he contributes. Thanks for sharing.

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