Character Trial 23: Gieve


Gieve is a clever bard who knows no bounds when it comes to bedding women and stealing goods as he travels across the land for the thrill of adventure!

Gieve is generally a neutral bard who gives his services to any person who hires him and then beds their wife. Albeit this behavior can sometimes come back to him in certain situations like bedding a proud Queen’s holy servant which would find his payment reduced as punishment.

In these moments, he generally calls upon his thievery skills to scrape off more gold from under the noses  of those he steals from; then he beds the money.

In this travels, he is very careful where he chooses to set camp considering the fact that he travels between wagering kingdoms. He also is watchful for any potential lovers he may be able to bed but if he does not find any, he beds himself.

Some say he has mastered the art of bedding, even your very Mother…

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