Tsuki ga Kirei│Relateable Challenges


Tsuki ga Kirei has a lot of detail to it that is hit or miss but overall I think I am enjoying the show quite a lot. Mostly because a lot of the conflicts the two characters find themselves in are very relatable to the point where it sometimes triggers me like a dog gets triggered by rain.

Although, the characters themselves aren’t very intelligent and that’s partially intentional because they are middle- schoolers just learning about these things but in a few situations it’s a little hard to believe you can be that much of a fool.

Primary example: They wanted to meet outside a department store, Azumi got there late due to certain circumstances so he was looking for Akane who decided to just look inside the department store. Once Azumi gets there, he looks around and looks for her in the next block. By the time he starts leaving the area, Akane goes outside. I just couldn’t believe Azumi didn’t think that she’d be in the actual store, it’s a little funny.

This is gonna be kind of a spoiler but… I wasn’t sure where this was going but I instantly understood it after they decided to start dating! Because, as someone who’s been through this before, I completely understand the things they are going through! And I think anyone who’s tried dating at this early of an age can understand what I mean… It’s an interesting topic that I feel like hasn’t really been done in anime, at least not to this extent so I am going to be on top of this anime.

I will talk about on it’s shortcomings which is mostly just visually, I think the fake lighting thing they have going on is cute and all but it’s a little… much, I guess. Like, I think it drags the viewers eyes to look at certain spots of the characters’ faces where it’s not really important to look at and it’s not Hand Shakers bad but it’s a little annoying.


The 3D crowds, I think, are fine. I mean, it’s not a huge aspect of the show and honestly it really isn’t that irritating to the eye; the animation just looks choppy but I think some people are making a bigger deal of it than it really is. 3D crowds are actually very common in anime; it’s an easier way to deliver a certain atmosphere without stressing 2D artists to draw every little character in the crowds while also making the crowds look a little more real because it’s really hard to make 2D crowds look lively while also animating it. Tsuki ga Kirei are just more upfront with their 3D crowds, they put the crowd in the foreground a lot which means they can’t hide the choppy animations too well.

Whatever the case, I think even with the choppy animation I think the crowd shots do their job. My problem with them is that they are used WAY too often! There’s at least one animated crowd shot every episode so far and it’s almost always in the very first scene. And I understand that they just wanna display the scenery to give the viewer a good idea of where they are at and also the fact that these characters actually move frequently but we don’t need a visual reminder every time we are at school, we know what school looks like. And even if they move to somewhere else you can just use dialogue to tell us where we are at or just let us put two and two together.

Overusing the same kind of scene so many times only cheapens the value of when you used it previously and it’s definitely annoying because this is a very basic concept of cinematography. But other than that, the show has been decent!

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5 thoughts on “Tsuki ga Kirei│Relateable Challenges

  1. There are some beautiful scenes, though – like this past week, there’s a shot where Kotaro is looking out the window of a bus and his reflection is given for a few seconds. It’s a really nice animation.

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    1. Oh, I wholeheartedly agree! I just think the artstyle is inconsistent in terms of realism because the lighting shots on the characters are always there even if they aren’t under a spot where a light hits their face.

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  2. Young romance is out of my interest these days, however, for some reason, I got a little excited upon reading some positive feedback on Tsuki ga Kirei. I haven’t started watching the show yet. Despite the aforementioned flaws, I guess I should still give it a try. Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂

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