Character Trial 25: Hideyoshi


Hideyoshi is what is known as a “trap- kun”.

Hideyoshi has a twin sister but is considered more attractive among the two. In all reality, the only difference between them is their hairstyle. Hideyoshi wears two hair clips to distinct hideyoself from hidoyoshis sister even though it makes hideyoshim look even more feminine.

Hideyoshi is very stoic and incredibly normal for a class F student. However, hideyoshe gets very embarrassed when they talk about him in strange ways, such as discussing his newly discovered gender which is later to be confirmed as simply: “Hideyoshi”.

Hideyoshi enjoys wearing female clothing mostly because of his involvement in the drama club where he specializes in vocal mimicry. (voices male and female characters)

Despite the discovery of the Hideyoshi gender, it is unknown as to what genitals they have. Their discovery was only recent, a lot of the kinks like sexuality haven’t been ironed out.

It is also uncertain if there are more hideyomales out there. Hideyomales have been accepted as a third gender and gender separated bathrooms, spa rooms etc have been implemented for this new gender.

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