The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya│The Worst Anime Ever


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was a classic show but after thoroughly embracing my love for anime for a little over a year before finally picking up this series, I didn’t hear much about it. I’ve seen the character Haruhi in plenty of gifs and videos. But I went into this series almost completely blind starting off with the movie: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. By this point, I really didn’t like anime movies because they were all just so boring to me but it didn’t help that the only movies I had watched were some Naruto and Bleach movies. So, by the time I finished The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, not only did I find my single favorite anime movie of all time (shortly topped by Spirited Away) but I immediately went into the anime out of pure excitement.

I didn’t dislike the show. In fact, I thought it was pretty fun. It didn’t give me the same melancholic feel the film did to it’s irony but I still enjoyed most of it. Some short scenes were a little boring maybe because I didn’t like any of the background characters but I did enjoy most of the episodes as they were focused on the cast of characters that I do like. And I think it was mostly the concept of Haruhi actually being this divine entity without her knowing about it. It was something I found a little relatable and also intriguing.

Nonetheless, the title says that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the worst anime ever and I do believe that but I feel it is most appropriate to tell you why I think this in the form of a story detailing my experiences in my final moments of watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

At the time, I was watching anime regularly and with a friend. After I watched the movie, I had decided to watch the anime with him but he didn’t want to. So I forced him into it and it did take him awhile to get into it but eventually we both were just binge- watching episode after episode until we got to season 2.

Yes, season 2. By this point, we had believed we were sold on the anime and intended to watch it entirely. We watched episode 2 of season 2 and we understood what was going on and thought: “Hey, this is pretty cool.” so we continued onto the next episode. We had thought this was episode 3 but it was pretty much the same. I looked over to my friend and asked him if he forgot to switch over to the next episode and he checked to see if he did but this was episode 3. It is finally known as such when Kyon acknowledged that he feels he’s been through all of this before but that was about the extent of what new content that episode provided.

My friend glared confusingly at me before putting on the next episode. For the first half, it was pretty much the same episode with variations in the characters’ clothing. We were in a room with an air conditioner but my friend was sweating. That is, until the second half of the episode where we had a completely new scene detailing us exactly what is going on with this endless loop that we were not sure how long would last but we had assumed that by that time it would have ended. It didn’t. Episode 4 was exactly the same episode as the last. My friend had just about had enough and decided that it was prime time to drop the show. But I looked at him and told him that there was absolutely no way a show would waste more than 3 episodes doing exactly the same things and the narrative currently happening before us isn’t uninteresting. Let’s just keep watching, i’m sure it’ll end next episode.

Convinced, he turns on episode 5 only to find it was the exact same episode. We were believers in the name of God, but I think that was moment he became an Atheist for he could no longer believe in God. Meanwhile, i’m actually laughing my ass off because his reaction to this endless loop and the fact that it kept going was hilarious to me. Especially since by the end of it, I had to re-convince him that even though I was wrong I still didn’t believe it would go on for another episode. And it did! My friend picked up the nearest  xbox controller and threw it on the ground as hard as he could. I think by this time, we were about to watch episode 6 but I had to convince him one more time because even though I was wrong about it 3 times now I still had the same thought that there was no way it could possibly go on throwing away episode after episode on literally nothing at this point.

He was done with the show obviously but I guess I am just really persuasive and we watched episode 6. To his dismay and my absolute euphoria, it was again, the same episode. We had watched basically the same episode 5 or 6 times, I had lost count in the darkness of my own laughter. My face was purple because throughout episode 6 I was laughing literally the whole time. My friend was crying a little but mostly agitated with a red face of pure anger. I think he hated me because he thought I was endorsing what was unfolding before us but after I regained some sense of control in my face, I had told him that if we watched just one more episode then we could drop the show. He reluctantly turned on the final episode of what we didn’t know was actually called: “Endless Eight”. It was basically the same episode 8 times but with a few variations and maybe 1 or 2 new scenes inbetween. This was the final episode but it started exactly the same so I did begin to laugh my ass off again. But when we finally reached the climax and entered into the final scenes which were fresh and new ones, there was a sense of relief… and anger. My friend had told me that he would no longer be watching this “wasteful heap of trash” and began to watch a different series. I had realized that there was no forgiving The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya for wasting so many episodes but I was still curious on where this show wanted to go.

In my own time, I had finished it. But I can’t say I enjoyed it with the experience of the Endless Eight arc. The fact that the Endless Eight exists just automatically made this the worst anime ever and the last episode of the series didn’t help. It was just the characters mostly sitting around. Things did happen here and there but a large portion of it was just this: nagato

…Wow! Super engaging ending so far. Very climactic. I think by the end of the episode we had some really contrived romance scene between Kyon and Haruhi but it really didn’t matter. 

I understand that some people consider this a classic but in my near decade experience in watching anime I’ve learned that time is extremely valuable, not only for the viewer but for the anime. Any anime that deliberately wastes 7 episodes is not respectable much less likable. It’s a disrespect to throw away the time given to you when there’s a whole lot of other anime that has much less to work with and I feel that the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya spits on those anime. Especially when it’s not even that interesting to begin with. 

But whatever, let me know in the comments below if you really do like watching paint dry which is the equivalent of watching the Endless Eight Arc. I do think it’s weird how nobody talks about it even when Haruhi Suzumiya is brought up but let this be an invitation to the conversation. Tootles!


22 thoughts on “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya│The Worst Anime Ever

  1. Endless Eight felt like the studio trolling fans. I wouldn’t rate Haruhi the worst anime ever though. There are shows that are terrible from start to finish. Haruhi at least had an enjoyable first season and good movie.

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    1. Whole I did enjoy first season of Haruhi to an extent, wasn’t as incredible as ppl make it out to be. Plus the only reason it’s the worst is because it’s the only anime that’s offended me.

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  2. You can’t really fault the entire Haruhi series for this. By reading your post, I think you’re saying “Endless Eight is the worst arc of the entire series”, and that’s correct. Does it make the entire anime awful? No, not really. The first season alone makes the anime a great, but the second season did kill it. The movie made everything better though.
    I do agree, Endless Eight is garbage and a massive middle finger to people that fell in love with the series.
    If you want to watch the worst anime(s) ever though, I can give you some of my picks. Care to try?:)

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    1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the worst anime because it’s completely against my beliefs of anime and why I fell in love with it. No matter how bad an anime is, I could always justify what they intended to do because well… They had intentions of doing things. That’s what makes anime awesome- even inspiring. Even if what they are trying to do isn’t anything interesting or they mess it up in the worst possible way; I can always say “hey, at least there was something there.” The Endless Eight arc had nothing. While the narrative of it had a point, the episodes where it tried to overstate that point was just nothing because we had already been debriefed on what point that was and it should’ve ended by the 3rd episode.

      So yeah, you can make the argument that because the rest of Haruhi Suzumiya wasn’t ALL that bad that it ISN’T the worst anime. I can’t say I would ever be convinced otherwise. The only way you could convince me so- is if you found another anime that basically has 0 new content to show us for like 9 episodes. Then okay, THAT anime is the worst. The problem isn’t that Haruhi is necessarily a “bad” show. It’s just downright the most disrespectful anime I’ve ever seen. Hence, it being the worst for me.


      1. Well that’s fair. It’s a personal thing. It’s personally the worst anime for you, and that’s fine. You claim it as the worst because it goes against your belief and the anime made you enjoy its content. I understand.
        I’ve personally seen so much anime, and I believe Haruhi is barely even “bad”. There are tons of shows with zero new content, and not just nine episodes, but the entire twelve episode run. Zettai Bouei Leviathan and Z/X Ignition is a good example.
        As for the disrespectful thing, it really isn’t. But I do understand since it’s your personal experience that ultimately matters.You are being inconsistent though, because you now claim the anime isn’t necessarily “bad” but it’s still the worst? lol.

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      2. Well, that’s because I don’t hate anime to begin with. My passion for anime doesn’t allow me to “hate” anime. I just don’t like anime. But when an anime is “disrespectful” to me, that’s when it’s the absolute worst and yeah I do think an anime is bad if it is basically deliberately being disrespectful which is what I took from Endless Eight. When I said it isn’t “necessarily bad” I just meant in the general consensus that obviously doesn’t follow my exact beliefs.
        To clarify what I mean: Take Naruto for example. Naruto for me is like a 1/10 because of the constant filler that’s added to the episode list. But I can’t give Naruto a 0/10 exactly because most of the filler still had some semblence of new content to explore or it revised old content that was dramatically outdated which made it “kind of” new content because it made sense to bring it up at the time even though it clearly didn’t need to be.

        TL:DR: Naruto is like watching paint chaotically run across the wall. It’s by all means, horrible. But it’s not disrespecting the medium- and I do love the Naruto story but it’s terrible when you view it as a series.
        The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was ACTUALLY watching paint dry for a good 8 episodes. That to me, is as disrespectful as it gets. Which is why I’d personally take the show as a 0/10. Even though, I don’t like ranking- it’s the best way I could explain it.


      3. And again, I do understand. I personally never take my own strong negative opinions to claim something is the worst, but the anime clearly had an impact on you. To me, an anime can only really be disrespectful if I personally use my own standards and limits to gauge what the anime has to offer, and that’s fine. Most viewers do. For me, I should take a step back and evaluate the overall picture. Does one arc of the second season enough to really call it the worst, despite it personally affecting me to the point I call it disrespectful even though I personally chose to watch it till the end and have the option to stop anytime, and disregard the merits of the other arcs of the series? No, not really.
        So far, it’s all personal opinions on how someone processed what they watched, and that’s fine. We all enjoy anime differently. 🙂

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      4. Well, I don’t mean to be rude but yeah. That’s pretty much stating the obvious. Everything I write under my website is solely subjective to my own personal viewings. That’s how it’s always been and how it’ll always be. Nobody can actually say 1 thing is the absolute worst. The only way you should take it as someone who is viewing it is that “hey this is someone writing their perspective on something I may view differently”. And that should be interesting to the viewer but if you don’t relate to it or agree with it, then there’s no reason for you to acknowledge it.
        Also, my “disregard” for the other arcs of the series isn’t me NOT acknowledging them. I view anime as series and each episode is supposed to be as valuable as the last. If 1 episode goes to waste, that’s an offense to me. Yeah, it could’ve been the greatest shit ever before that 1 episode but this belief of mine holds no bias. If a wasted episode happened, I view it as a major disrespect to the anime medium and would probably drop the show on the spot.


      5. That’s fair, and I’ve been pointing it out a lot that it is solely a personal thing. I can also comment on how that personal thing can be faulty though, so it’s all good. It’s just a healthy argument 🙂
        Ok then, so you view anime as a series, but you single out one arc to declare the anime as the worst? So every episode is valuable, and I guess the second season is the worst then, not the entire series. I also don’t understand how one episode can disrespect the entire medium, where the basis of that disrespect is from you personal belief that apparently has no bias. I’m not saying Endless Eight isn’t the worst, it is, but there’s something faulty here. 🙂

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      6. I think the idea you have misconstrued is that I don’t acknowledge what an anime does right. But I do and I evaluate it so long as said anime doesn’t break halfway through the series like Haruhi. Because if it does, I don’t hold any amount of respect for the series as a whole. I intentionally ignore what it has done right because I don’t want to acknowledge the series after it basically spit on my face. I don’t want to condone it or anything it’s done. I just don’t think it deserves that respect. I think that my belief is my own and therefore I cannot simply say: “Hey, I don’t wanna discuss this series. I just think it’s bad” I will discuss my personal thoughts and feelings on the series because ultimately that is what’s expected when I put out a post like this.


      7. Though, what I should clarify is that if an anime does something that I think is absolutely amazing- I’ll single THAT out and talk about that. This was clearly the most impactful part of Haruhi Suzumiya and the rest wasn’t all that impactful. It was okay and even good in some parts. But none of that struck me as memorable or even worth talking about. If it wasn’t for Endless Eight, I probably would never talk about the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya proactively.


  3. Wow seriously? The same episode over and over? I’m not sure I could handle that. I always intended to watch the show but I’m not so sure now haha!

    Your review is great and it inspired me to see what others in the community have said, seems that those who share your views are saying that the actualy idea was good, but they could have wrapped it up in 3 episodes instead of 8. It seems like madness to do more than 3 on the same thing honestly…

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    1. Yeah, I think I told someone else that it would’ve been perfect if it was a 3- episode arc so I definitely agree with that sentiment.

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  4. I wonder if knowing the endless eight exists changes the perspective. I’ve not seen Haruhi but it’s part of my to watch list.

    The Endless Eight debacle is something that I’m kind of looking forward to viewing. It’s seemingly met with such rage by those that don’t expect it that it really makes me curious.

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    1. I think it’s a pretty straight- forward concept to grasp, really. Just watch episode 2 of season 2 and basically imagine the next 6 episodes being exactly the same. But I do think episode 8 is important to the narrative of the arc. So really, I think you should watch episode 2 and skip till episode 8. But if you’re really curious then go for it.

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  5. Every Endless Eight experience that I’ve ever heard sounds like a horror story. I didn’t realize that it meant the same episode basically repeated itself 7 times. Well great, I just blew $100 on the series and the movie, so hopefully I’ll get a good laugh out of it like you seemed to have! I’ll just remember to watch that part by myself! 😂

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  6. People will not be happy with this! Anime fans can get defensive, I wonder if there’s anyone around who’ll defend the Endless 8’s.

    Myself, I thought it was fine. The movie was definitely my favorite piece of Haruhi media. And as for those Endless 8’s I’m actually not against them on principle. The real problem for me is the fact that there was no season 3 and as such, like you say, it feels insulting. If there was a 3rd or 4th season of Haruhi I guarantee you few would care about them and I’m sure plenty would praise them (as people do now).

    Good post though, well done on watching them all.

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    1. I don’t mind it if people defend it but I don’t think I could ever change my stance on the subject and if people wanna hate on me for my opinion well i’m not liable to giving a fuck.

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