Character Trial 34 (game version): Sona, Maven of The Strings

sona2.pngSona is more than just a giant pair of breasts. She’s a giant pair of breasts that can’t talk! Do I hear a “best girl” chant? Mmmmhmm! That’s right! Even after a hard’s night work, she can’t say anything to upset you.

But, no really. Sona is mute. Not only that, but she grew up an orphan who nobody wanted to adopt because of her inability to make sound. She played the Etwahl since she was in her teens but her caretakers sold the instruments in the hope of building trust. Weirdly enough, her instrument came back to her unexpectedly. A wealthy Demacian known as Lestara Buvelle was enchanted by Sona’s skill at playing the Etwahl and adopted her on the spot, paying the caretakers generously for her. Lestara would teach Sona how to properly use the Etwahl and soon enough Sona became an idol known throughout the lands!

But Sona found out that her skill in the Etwahl isn’t solely for entertainment purposes. She figured out how to use the Etwahl as a weapon and honed her deadly skills in private to become one of the champions in League of Legends and given the name: “Maven of the Strings”.



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