Why I Stopped Playing Fire Emblem Heroes


I wanna bring up some criticisms for Fire Emblem Heroes because it’s a mobile game that I actually cared for a little while and I think it’s still a good mobile game but as it grew, it certainly worsened.

I was more of a ‘for fun’ kind of player even though I got a lot of good heroes, I didn’t care for arena… Mostly because there was nothing to gain from arena. But it already grew a small competitive community, for sure. Which wasn’t all that fun considering the amount of arguments there were over who was ‘best husbando’ or ‘best girl’, never thought the FE community was so aggro but it certainly added fuel to the “fire” when people got a little too serious over a ranked system that had no real ranks or rewards to it.

But that’s hardly a deal-breaker for me since I could care less what other people say; I can just play the game on my own and it’s still fun. But the game was, arguably, too easy? Again, it’s no deal-breaker, but I used to play a game called “Summoner’s War” for a little over a year, it’s fairly popular among mobile games. But if you’ve played both games, you’d know that Fire Emblem Heroes, as fun as it is, it’s hardly challenging compared to Summoner’s War. Granted, my problem with Summoner’s War was the exact opposite, it was TOO hard! Seriously, that game is hell to play! Getting a 5-star monster was as hard as winning the lottery, I’ve played for a year and I only got 1 5 star! In the month I played Fire Emblem heroes, I think I got 4 to 5 5-star heroes, I lost count. I definitely found Fire Emblem Heroes to be more fun because of it’s game mechanics but there’s a lot it could add to make it a little more challenging.

But what was the deal-breaker probably was my loss of faith in the company behind Fire Emblem Heroes, namely Nintendo. When you play a mobile game; it’s really hard for developers to make it “exactly” how the players want it. Ultimately, there’s a promise between player and developer that so long as the player keeps playing, the developer needs to better the game as it grows. Initially, I certainly had faith in Nintendo as they had made worthwhile decisions and even though I was a free-to-play player, I was happy with what they were giving me. Until Easter came along I saw what I thought were character skins at the times for certain characters like Lucina, CamillaChrom and I think Xander. Even though, I thought it was very weird that Xander was getting a skin before he was even released I didn’t care about them because they were purely aesthetic, in fact, I appreciated them because I knew they were probably gonna cost money and people would but them thus supporting the game. Then I was hit with the surprise in that, these characters were actual units.. Was definitely weird, I didn’t particularly like the idea of re-using certain characters with different clothing/aesthetic but it’s still whatever. Then I was hit with another surprise in that these are LIMITED EDITION units that are only available for a short time.

Which, is a terrible thing for a few reasons: If players start the game AFTER the event, they will not have another chance to obtain those units thus making it unfair. But most importantly, free-to-play players do not have the option to “keep playing and you’ll eventually get what you are looking for” which is generally what makes it okay, in my opinion. I don’t mind whales because they pay for advantages that free-to-play players will eventually get anyways. They just want it faster. But in situations like these, free-to-play players will never get that same advantage whales get. Luckily, the only good special character was Easter Egg Lucina but it’s still a terrible decision to make specific units limited time like this. If I am to expect events like this to happen over the evolution of the game, I can’t be expected to play it.


4 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Playing Fire Emblem Heroes

  1. I played this game for a few months, which isn’t bad for a free download. My interest waned when the xp bonus got turned off. Leveling up characters became too much of a chore after that.

    Timed events do suck. In Overwatch I hate missing out on skins due to limited free time.

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  2. “Luckily, the only good special character was Easter Egg Lucina”

    Hmm.. I guess you haven’t seen Spring Camilla after inheritance? 😛

    Sorry to hear that you no longer feel like this game is for you. I definitely agree that being a free to play user makes it very unlikely that you’ll ever get limited edition heroes. After inheritance, it means that some skills are locked out for you as well (until new heroes with those skills are released)

    This really kills a lot of the fun for free to play users, but the only real thing that it locks them out of is competitive PVP. All other game modes are possible to beat with 3-4 star heroes (Except maybe higher difficulties on Tempest Trials and Infernal difficulty Grand Hero battle).

    I haven’t spent a cent on this game, mainly because I don’t feel like the price of orbs justifies the result from hero summons. I can easily blow 140 orbs (I’ve done as much with free orbs) and not get a focus/5star hero, and for $75 that’s not okay with me.

    For me that’s what kills free to play (and even makes pay to play not worthwhile) in this game. Free orbs are too rare, and the summon roulette is far too unreliable in providing quality heroes. Since the launch of this game I’ve never gotten any Hector, Lucina, Reinhart, Ryoma, Azura, Kagero, Linde, Young Tiki, Nowi, Ike, Takumi, or Ephraim. I have one 3 star Nino and the most luck I’ve ever had is two 4 star Tharja, one 5 star Julia, and one Bride Cordelia.

    I’m still playing at this point after blowing through my orbs trying to get Lucina and have decided that I’m not going to spend orbs anymore until another unit I really want gets a focus banner. At this point trying strats on Grand Hero battle is still fun for me and higher tier lunatic battles are still hard, but let’s see how long that keeps up until I get bored.

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