Tsuki ga Kirei’s Defining Strength

Tsuki ga Kirei’s attraction is it’s sheer accuracy on defining what a middle- school relationship is. And to some, that may sound like “Oh! So, I have to be 13 to enjoy this show?” No! In fact, it’s the opposite. The reason why adults like this show so much is because it brings out the nostalgia of us having that middle school romance. Sure, if my 13 or 14 year old self watched throughout the entirety of this show he might’ve liked it but what are the chances he would even be interested in watching it? Not very likely, as a teenager I watched a lot of action shows, so, romance wasn’t exactly something I was interested in and I am sure a lot of people, more specifically males, feel the same way.

But more importantly, I think the reason Tsuki ga Kirei gets as much praise as it does is because it focuses on something that I think almost every human being goes through, at least, briefly. Especially someone like me who’s entire life almost revolved around his middle school relationship as sad as that sounds… It really hit home for me that I think I actually felt a little guilty when I saw Akane crying in episode 10 because this show really makes guys feel so fucking guilty, it’s actually funny! Also,, if you are a guy and you are watching this- when next you have an argument with her, try your best to not apologize first this stereotype is annoying…! Well, maybe that isn’t the best advice, but I digress.

At the end of the day, there’s not much else to say because even though it’s incredible for it’s theme, it’s not particularly spectacular or awful. It just hits home. For that reason it’s hard to say it has any definitive flaws.

Some, very few actually would argue that maybe it’s flaw is ‘coincidence’. But the problem with that is that there was literally 1 coincidence and it was the moment Akane’s phone ran out of battery and for the most part that was the only one. The other coincidences, said people might point out is maybe the scene where Azumi gets his phone taken away by the teacher but that wasn’t a coincidence. Azumi’s friends made a lot of noise while messing with Azumi thus he had to go outside if he wanted to message Akane. On top of that, we are already shown that it is night time so while the kids should be sleeping, the teachers are still awake, obviously. Of course, the teacher heard the noise and decided to walk by although he was drunk which was also expected. Really, it was cause and effect.

The same could arguably be said for when Akane dropped her stress toy. You see, this effect actually had 2 causes. To start, first we have to figure out what exactly caused the stress toy to fall in the first place, so, tell me what do you think it was?

  • Gym pockets aren’t very deep√
  • Psychological animation is another term for “cat obsession”
  • The paper wanted to molest her

Yep! Gym pockets are really bad! Generally you shouldn’t put anything inside besides your change for lunch money. But Akane had the piece of paper she was grabbing in the same pocket and didn’t realize it. For something as sizable as Akane’s stress toy, it was bound to fall out of that tiny pocket in the slightest movement. But the next cause is what’s important- so here’s another Dora the Explorer mind- fuckery:

Akane is generally very careful with her stress toy so why was she so careless this time?

  • She murdered her dog
  • She was surprised she had the paper Hira asked for√
  • Azumi really liked staring at DAT ASS

Mmmhmm! When Hira asked for the piece of paper, Akane had that moment where, y’know, you realize “Oh shit! I do have that!” and then quickly grabbed it to give it to him and at that moment that’s really all she could think about- which is kind of what happens when you suddenly remember something and it comes to you as a surprise and in that brief moment she dropped her stress toy from her tiny pocket, thus the effect. 

So, bottom line is: should you watch Tsuki ga Kirei? Well, to make this ‘abundantly’ clear: Yes, yes you god damn should!


2 thoughts on “Tsuki ga Kirei’s Defining Strength

  1. Aww good job on your video, I agree that were some incidents where it seemed coincidence. Of how they end up talking in the first place Kotaru and akane. It’s be hard for me to fault this series on minor things but the fact so many have bene able to relate to it, in some sense. Is this series star quality XD

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