Knight’s & Magic│Making Fantasy Anime Feel Basic Since 2017


I think my main issue with Knight’s & Magic is not the apostrophe, believe it or not. It’s that there was no idea put behind this series. It’s arguable that it is really just this otaku going into a fantasy world typical gibberish but in all honesty that just misses due to the main character, Ernesti, being the most uninteresting protagonist in 2017 so far. His personality is just so typical that he’s just monotonous to watch. His desires are so quickly pushed onto us viewers as if we’re supposed to relate to him just because he’s representative of otakus in general but he’s not remotely realistic compared to what otakus are really like. He’s just obnoxious. I also really dislike this weird stereotype anime has where otakus are unnaturally good at anything we do if we set our mind to it. It’s like you’re trying to bribe us into liking the show via indirect compliments.

It’s fair to say, I quickly grew to dislike the show but generally when a show like this comes along I can always find appreciation in the world. The problem is: this show somehow makes a fantasy world look boring, too. Maybe it’s just i’m not a big sci-fi guy so seeing robots intermingle with fantasy is kind of awkward for me but I don’t think it was done to great effect, either. It just looks like the threw in a bunch of huge robots in a fantasy setting. To be fair, they do go over the robots well enough that it’s believable for them to exist but still horrendous to look at.

I think the only other good thing about the show that I’ve seen is the character designs of the Olter family. Because they do look decent and they’re not terrible characters, either. Like, I think if the show was about these 2 twins and they were co- protagonist I might’ve liked the show. Because the idea behind this kind of duo dynamic can be related to games. They would be these 2 main characters that you could choose from the beginning of the game depending on which gender you choose and seeing these siblings go through a story together might’ve been interesting so long as we follow that kind of narrative, I guess. I just think that’s something interesting we haven’t seen before and when seeing these character designs I just thought it really fit that idea: they both look like their just starting their journeys but also like their ready to take on the world! But of course, Ernesti exists specifically to take me out of that experience…

Well, that’s it. Unfortunately. There’s nothing else to the show, it’s boring and the main character is unbearable. The artwork looks like it’s trying to overcompensate for it’s lack of a creative narrative and the music is awfully generic.


4 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic│Making Fantasy Anime Feel Basic Since 2017

  1. I’m genuinely enjoying the show, but really do find Ernesti an annoying protagonist. Still, I like the idea and the mix of robots and fantasy is kind of working for me at the moment, though I’ll see where I stand on that at the end onf the season.
    I agree, the story would probably be better if the twins were the main characters. They could have the oddball friend who comes up with new ideas, but they could take the lead on the show and be much more watchable.

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    1. I think Batson, the mechanic- lookin’ guy, already kind of fills in the oddball friend role. I guess he just barely doesn’t get enough time, at least so far, so he doesn’t appear like he’s part of the group. But I also like his character to the extent that he could fill the role you just describe only specifically to mesh with the twins as main characters. To be more precise, I think he could fill a role similarly to Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist.

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      1. Typically when I watch a show that I lose interest in I always try to rewrite the story in my head by taking what has potential and rewriting the rest out. It’s a fun hobby, makes shows like these more bearable. XD

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