Character Trial 36: Saber

saber2.pngSaber, also known as King Arthur, who wielded Excalibur in her time. Disguising herself as a male, her true name was Artoria Pendragon. She’s a fine ass madness with a slender but muscular body with a grand appeal of swords clashing together. It is said to be her fetish to hear the clanking of blades ramming against each other. With this, we  are led to believe she is indeed a fujoshi.

Effectively, her reasoning for disguising herself as a male king is to force her servants to clash blades against one another and she took it upon herself to add strap on a blade of her own and take part in the lustful civil war she has created for her and her people. Famous and completely real quotes of these events will tell you a lot about what Artoria thought of her actions:

“I’ve created heaven and no blade shall go without partnership.” King Arthur Pendragon

In the midst of blades smashing together in Artoria’s lustful city of Camelot, the Roman Empire invaded them! Catching Artoria with her pants literally down, their king, Roman Reigns, speared her off the cliffside where she was dominating Lancelot’s long and durable blade. While Artoria met her fateful end, Roman Reigns climbed up from the deep dark below and started banging his head in victory!

But no such human being will ever forget the tale of King Arthur Pendragon, truthfully known as Artoria Pendragon, Also known as Saber, who is also commonly known as Saber of Blue, who can also be referred to as the king of knights and… Y’know what? She’s a lot of things just… Call her whatever you want.


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