Re:Zero and Why Anime Needs More Romantic Subplots

Romance in anime is very stereotypical and is therefore not very well received. If we want to see a good romance, it’s easy to pick out some of the romance focused series like Say, I Love You or Little Monster but the problem I have with these shows is that it’s too much of the same. Much like comedy, I don’t think romance needs to be the main focus of a series.

I think what anime needs more of is romantic subplots simply because romance has the ability to make the story feel a lot more dynamic. Even when it’s not the main plot, romance opens up a lot of different pathways for the story to go and ,in turn, makes it a lot more dynamic. There are plenty of anime that could’ve benefited from this ranging from Attack on Titan to Tokyo Ghoul and hell, even Fate/Stay Night.

But I think what’s important is that the main story isn’t solely about the romance between certain characters. Even if it’s what drives the main character to go through all the bullshit he has to get some of that pussy or dick! It shouldn’t JUST be about them thinking about whether or not they should hook up. It should involve a well- thought out story, a memorable cast and a lively world. I think the best show that has done this even remotely well is definitely Re:Zero. Because Subaru is clearly passionate over his love for Emilia. And who’s to blame him? I mean, we may not like Emilia all that much. But it’s not up to us, it’s up to him. And as a sociopath myself, I can respect that. Even if Rem is “best girl”, she symbolizes an aspect of this specific subplot that we’re not familiar with. Something that is quite mind- blowing when you think about it. She represents the value of a friend. Someone who has your back through thick and thin, someone who isn’t going to let you fuck your life over. And Subaru made the mistake of looking at her as a button that’ll reset his life and Rem would never accept that.

Because Rem wants him to be happy, not just to suck his dick but a genuine desire to help him get his shit together! Ultimately, that’s what makes Rem great! She doesn’t need to be the one that ends up with Subaru, she’s perfect the way she is. Subaru doesn’t love Rem because she’s just not who he fell in love with. And yeah, we can argue all day over who’s better even though we’ll clearly come to 1 conclusion but from a narrative’s standpoint, Subaru picking Rem would only devolve his character and the entire story in general! But his commitment to staying true to himself and would repeatedly die for the sake of Emilia. But it’s not only for Emilia. It’s for everyone he’s loved and cared for in this new world that he wants to see more of. The sheer continuation of his life is what he’s fighting to maintain!

Because the whole story of Re:Zero is not solely based on chasing after a single girl that he wants to fuck. It’s to create his ideal reality with a power that he may think is a curse sometimes but could also be a blessing in helping him achieve that goal. That includes hanging out with the hottest guys, wearing the freshest clothes and-yeah, falling in love with the girl of his dreams. But what makes it so impactful is that it’s “one” of the main focuses of this entire narrative! It’s a spice that makes everything else nice and gives us a better understanding of the characters on an emotional level whereas a lot of other anime have trouble reaching that achievement. 

Which brings me to those anime and how they fail to incorporate romantic subplots. And this could range from generic harem shows or romantic comedies. They’re main problem with how they handle romance is typically 1 of 2 issues: 

  1. One of the characters don’t reciprocate the other’s feelings or the narrative is SO vague about it that they are like “kind of” reciprocated but not to the point where it’s noticeable, it’s just there to create a “bad” incentive to maintain the viewer’s hope of the characters getting together.
  2. There’s also just not giving a shit. And what this implies is that both characters clearly harbor feelings for each other and in some cases even reciprocate the feelings but they don’t hook up because fuck logic! I mean, for some reason, logic apparently seems more fuckable than actual people! Which is amazing!

I think what’s important in creating an incentive is that you get what you want… Or at least, there’s a good reason why we didn’t get what we expected. RWBY is a good example of following through with an incentive but not getting what we want for a legitimate reason.

I think a lot of RWBY fans would agree that for about 3 volumes the top ship was definitely Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos. And you know what? By the end of that, it was… a “thing”? Briefly? Though, Pyrrha went ahead and died on him… uhh… She had an “Achilles Heel” of sorts hahaha.. Nobody is gonna get that joke… But it was a good reason as to why they couldn’t be together and we’re left kind of wondering… What is the point of life?

Crushing sadness aside, the point i’m trying to say is: If you’re gonna create these characters, mainly females, solely to grant us an incentive to watch the show… Not only does that say more about your trashy anime but it wastes our time because we’re clearly not watching it because everything else about your anime is good. You’re baiting us to watch crap and you do it knowingly. I’m still 100% salty about the ending of Kiznaiver even if that show that doesn’t completely relate to the exact anime(s) i’m describing but fuck Sonozaki!

But if you did like this video, you should consider liking it…! No, no like it as in “like” it, I mean click the button with a thumbs up! Yeah that. Maybe even subscribing? Who knows? What you do with your life is up to you and I won’t force you into it, but if you don’t it just means you’re a shitty person.



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