Top 10 Anime Protagonists

Number 10:

Kraft Lawrence – Spice and Wolf

This crafty son of a bitch is not only devilishly good- looking but incredibly proficient in the act of peddling his goods. His stoic outlook on what seems to be on the market makes us feel a sense of realism given he’s constantly thinking about which actions will be more profitable almost like a game but he’s very sincere about it. He continually grows attached to Holo and begins to carry a deep sentiment for her as they travel together in a seemingly romantic but melancholic adventure since they understand that they’ll have to part ways at some point but can’t do anything about it.

Number 9:

Yuu Otosaka – Charlotte

It’s hard to describe why I like this guy other than I just found his struggle incredibly relatable. It’s almost like watching yourself go through all these struggles in a monitor and processing it within the spam of just a few hours of watching this entire series. It fills me with a genuine sense of accomplishment when I see someone very much like me pretty much succeed in the same bittersweet sentiment that I feel in my own journey.


Number 8:

Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia

Izuku’s story has yet to be resolved but he’s already shown a true heroic spirit that’ll go through leaps and bounds to help out those in need. But more importantly, he’s a very relatable character considering he’s like the rest of us who look up to heroes and wish to become them someday and he’s further proving that we can be those heroes.

Number 7:

                                 – No Game No Life

Two for the price of one, as they say. But why I prize these characters equally is for the great chemistry both hold in their hearts and their unwavering courage to keep moving forward and refuse to take a step back. As individuals, they each share strengths that both can utilize to great effect and this synergy has kept them from being beaten in any game. As someone who’s been considered very skilled in video games, competitive or non- competitive, I always felt akin to these characters for that aspect.

Number 6:

Ruby Rose – RWBY

If you know me, you know I love Ruby like a little sister. But what makes her special is her black and white psychological view of reality. She thinks life is so simple when all she thinks the job of a huntsman is just killing Grimm and taking a 15 minute break afterwards to crack a cold one with the girls. Volume 3 brings a “shine to her eyes” that proves that life is a lot grayer than she initially thought. Just because you are a skilled huntsman in training with a giant scythe, it doesn’t mean you can change the world so easily. Her firsthand experience as to what it’s like to lose loved ones and watch them fall deeply into despair has forced her to grow up into a more mature fighter. But she isn’t forced to be a “batman clone”. She remains as quirky and lovable as she always was.


Number 5:

Subaru Natsuki – Re:zero

Subaru is very much an otaku but for once it isn’t forever rubbed into our faces, at least not later on in the series of Re:zero. It becomes moreso a nuance to his character rather defining it like a lot of other male protagonists. What makes him unique is his ideological fantasy of being the chosen one of this world and gaining an ability that puts him in a superior level compared to most humans. This makes him think he’s special and even though it does, nobody else views him that way due to the fact that nobody else can know about this ability. He’s human and everyone else sees him that way but he expects to act a certain way that they just cannot do because, again, they don’t view him as special and they have lives of their own that they have to value above other humans. Subaru is forced to recognize this through a grueling process of never-ending pain and suffering but because Rem sees the side of Subaru that’s genuinely caring and loving, she’s able to bring him down to Earth and Subaru begins to understand how people view him in this world and the fact that he shouldn’t think of himself as a superior human being rather proving that he is a valuable human is what his goal should be.

Number 4:

Himeko Inaba – Kokoro Connect

Inaba is the kind of person you don’t really wanna fuck with but understand she can be quite closed off. But just like the rest of us, she’s prime to take a man by the balls and prove why she’s fucking queen! Inaba has a lot to love, she’s hard-working, sincere and a little badass. We even know that she’s a girl who isn’t afraid to admit that she masturbates which is a much more endearing trait than it really should be. But her no bullshit persona and lovable design earns her a spot on this list.

Number 3:

Jaune Arc – RWBY

Never said there were any rules about using characters from the same show. Regardless, I very much view Jaune as a secondary protagonist. He very much has that stereotypical hero “coming-of-age” sort of story line while Ruby has more of a Cinderella story. But the story behind Jaune is much more developed than Ruby’s is and honestly it’s a lot more unpredictable. The unpredictability of Jaune’s role is based solely off the amount of effort he puts into growing and becoming a stronger huntsman. Because despite his slower growth in skill compared to others, he’s a natural leader with childish humor but it’s done so to be endearing. Jaune’s trying his best in the most genuine way possible and even though he’s scared to lose more friends to the jaws of death, I think what scares us the most is that he, himself, might end up in those jaws out of a self- righteous fear to save everyone.

Number 2:

Adlet Mayer – Rokka no Yuusha

Adlet’s a very trustworthy person to have watching your back because he values his comrades about as much as he values his own life. But he understands that others, including his own comrades, probably do not feel exactly the same so even though he’ll fight alongside them he’s not prone to watching his own back from the very person who’s supposed to be watching it in his stead. He’s not stupid and that goes a long way when you have a personality as eccentric as he does which typically is fused in conjunction with naivety. But he’s just as willing to lie and play dirty in fights so long as he can successfully find his ideal scenario out of a predicament. The way he chooses to fight is also extremely badass because he’s forced to use incredibly complex tools and come up with a decent strategy in fights, primarily using his quickness to his advantage. His character design is also very fucking cool ,I love it!

Number 1:

Favaro Leone – Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

I had a difficult time picking between Favaro and Adlet for number 1 but Favaro resonates with me a little more mainly because the way he chooses to live his life is very similar to how I choose to live it and for that same reason we often find ourselves being both the life of the party while also being extremely disliked. It feels like we’re both swashbuckling pirates that can seemingly do anything so long as we set our minds to it. The way he can creatively adapt to his problems is also a trait I feel we share. But, overall, he’s just an extremely charismatic person to be around and spend an adventure with. I, often, hope that even people who disagree with me a lot or have a strong disdain for my existence still view me as a fun person to be around because I really feel like Favaro has that effect on pretty much everyone.

This was a huge meme.


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