The Incoherency of The Fate/Series

Just as pretty much everyone who watches anime; I got invested in Fate for the sheer greatness that was Fate/Zero. Fate/Zero was basically a battle royale free-for-all of mages summoning these magical servants that were previously historical heroes in their lifetime. 

The thing that made this cool as shit was that these characters were all familiar characters from a lot of folklore stories such as Arthur Pendragon and Alexander The Great. This made it easy to grasp the idea  and understand where the characters came from, it didn’t need to give too much emphasis on their backstory just that they were characters which we can clearly identify as major historical entities within Fate’s universe.

All they needed to do after that was make sure these characters are worth understanding. Which they succeeded! These heroes became famous for their success during their lifetime and this was a way to bring them together and challenge their political views and successes with one another which was perfectly illustrated during the “King’s Banquet” which is commonly referred to one of the best scenes in Fate/Zero, if not THE best. 

This is the foundation for which anime watchers fell in love with the Fate/Series, including myself. Building a universe of iconic heroes whom we wanted to see more of, watch how they would interact in future shows within the same universe or even just straight-up watch a show just of their backstories and how those connected inside a timeline. I’ve always dreamt of seeing how Gilgamesh became to be who he is and exactly how he reigned as the King of Heroes. But these characters are just kind of left on the wayside with only giving brief descriptions of who they were and how they handled themselves rather than that being the main focus, which it should’ve been.

And while I would hardly say Fate/Stay Night was near the level of Fate/Zero, I appreciated the continuation because it did, somewhat, build upon the characters I came to love and provided more characters that were interesting. But why the fuck are they adapting different routes for this shit? We get it, this was adapted from a visual novel. But this is anime, holmes! You are on our territory, we want a coherent story line! Not all this non-cannon bullshit, just stick with one anime that expands on the foundation we came to love about Fate, that’s all we ask of you! Their making another adaptation of Fate/Stay night, this time the 3rd route called “Heaven’s Feel” and this is supposed to be the good one, apparently. Look, unless Shirou is feelin’ up on Sakura‘s heavenly parts; I see no reason to waste another day binge-watching something that essentially doesn’t matter in the context of the narrative we know of. Even if it does look lit on fire as fuck family!

Which brings us to Fate/Apocrypha which any human being can easily just say “fuck Fate/Apocrypha” but I really wanted to like Fate/Apocrypha for the reason that this was, like, the first real Fate adaptation that was supposed to be taken seriously. And yes, I am completely dismissing Fate/Grand Order because that was just promotional garbage for the gacha game, it had no reason to exist. Nonetheless, I was actually intrigued by the first 2 episodes of Apocrypha because it had a lot of set-up for the anime, there was a lot of hidden information, introductions and all sorts of neat things someone as observant as me likes to look into. I even had a little notepad where I wrote down all sorts of things that might be important. But the anime was passing along this information super quick and I understand if the pacing was a little too fast for more casual viewers to not get everything that was going in. But as I got further into it, I realized: this has nothing to do with the universe I am invested in. And I know people might say that’s pretty dense of me to say since in the synopsis it literally starts off by saying this is a completely different universe.

But I didn’t read too much into that since I expected it to still connect anyways. Like, I thought that was what Fate was all about: universes connected into one huge multi-verse and it’ll all connect at some point. But as I look more into the lore of Fate, I am really starting to feel like I’ve been bamboozled and none of these universes actually connect. They legitimately expect me to care about all these new universes and characters like fucking Siegfried or eventually Brotha Nero… I knew you would come. 

Jokes aside, I fantasized about the idea of a connected universe mainly just talking about all these character I’ve enjoyed watching and understanding. But Fate said “fuck you” so I appropriately respond with: Fuck Fate.


2 thoughts on “The Incoherency of The Fate/Series

  1. Then there’s Illiya’s spinoff and I give up.

    I’m sticking yo Zero and the three routes of Stay Night.

    As much as I want to assure you the hype, I am not confident myself after having seen UBW adaptation that was waaay too faithful it looked like another visual novel in anime instead of being it’s own ‘anime’.

    Heaven’s Feel, if done right, is the closest to the continuation of Fate/Zero as it can get.

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    1. I zoned out of the spin-off. Wasn’t interested. The problem with Fate/Stay night is the fact that it’s adapting all 3 routes instead of following 1 coherent story line and it makes it feel ingenuine and uncannon. I understand you’re a fan though, have fun!


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