Stop caring about Hollywood anime adaptations

I find those who love an anime really loves that anime and wouldn’t appreciate a Hollywood adaptation of it because of hollywood’s unfortunate track record with these kinds of films. And I don’t understand why this is the case. Because adapting that film into another medium doesn’t change anything about the original thus it doesn’t change your experience watching that anime. Hell, even if the film has the same name as “Your Name” and is marketed and described as the adaptation of the anime; it doesn’t even necessarily have to be interpreted as it being the same story.

Even if you watched the movie, didn’t like and then rewatched the anime: I sincerely doubt it’ll effect your feelings on the anime. You might even feel better rewatching the anime after watching the movie because re-experiencing the anime you love in all of its glory should remind you how much better it was than the movie.

So, in all honesty, there is nothing wrong with Hollywood movie adaptations. If you already enjoyed the anime you should be indifferent towards. Or in fact, it should be celebrated! Why? Well, here’s food for thought: there will be some new viewers who will like it. And some of those viewers might research exactly where this movie came from and become “ONE OF US!”. As a result, the anime we all love gains new viewers and grows our community. It just doesn’t make sense why we would ever bust our balls over something that benefits us in the long run, if you have the answer to my dilemma then I’m all ears.


10 thoughts on “Stop caring about Hollywood anime adaptations

  1. I doubt any American remake will replace the Japanese animated versions, but I generally don’t think anime versions are as good as their source material. If an adaptation is good, great. If it isn’t, sure, there’s reason to complain, but fans can spend their money elsewhere.

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  2. Also you don’t have to be an anime fan to enjoy an anime movie. I have plenty of friends who don’t like anime (as much as I do) and they still really enjoyed Kimi no Na wa when I took them to see it ❤

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  3. But why even make an adaptation in the first place? Almost all of the films Hollywood is pumping out are remakes or adaptation of things that don’t need to be done in the first place. I know the essential reasoning behind wanting to make an adaptation is to gain a wider broad/general audience. It all goes back to why NOT check out the original source material? What is stopping people from researching the original source material? Because they don’t like anime? or is it because of the stigma surrounding Japanese/Otaku culture? Most people don’t admit they like something because of the way our views are represented in this day and age. People will literally complain about everything and anything that doesn’t align with their views. Kimi no Na wa was the highest grossest Japanese anime film of all time and it has every right to be in the spot, but why can’t people just see it and appreciate as an anime film? Why adapt it in the first place if it had worldwide success? I’m not mad they are making a live-action film of it (I’m actually quite intrigued by it), I just want to know why people can’t enjoy the original for what it’s worth. I agree with everything you are saying, I just like to impose other thoughts and ideals behind these types of post. I like to look at this as a bigger picture instead of one general question.

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    1. Well, I think nit wanting to watch anime is a sufficient enough answer 😅 . When I say that the film will attract a couple of new viewers I am mainly talking about those who haven’t seen anime yet. But there are some who just don’t like it. That’s fair, it’s not for them. It’s really not a huge deal.

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      1. Haha I guess I’m just nosy and like to know why not. And you are right! Anime isn’t for everyone but it can still be enjoyable for others 🙂

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  4. For me personally, having a live-action adaptation doesn’t take away from the original anime series/movie or my personal experience with it/watching it. My biggest problem with adaptations is the fact that most people don’t give the original anime/movie a chance. Anime is seen as taboo or just as “cartoons” to most people in western culture. A lot of people view anime as “childish” or something adults shouldn’t watch. The last time I talked to my mom about anime she remarked, “That’s something I thought you would grow out of” and she also said, “Isn’t that stuff for kids and not adults?” There is a stigma around anime that people who aren’t in the anime community don’t get. I am 27 and religiously watch anime and talk about anime on a daily basis. I feel like people are honestly lazy when it comes to trying new things or experiencing a new culture that isn’t their own. The same could be said of people who only watch book adaptation movies but won’t read the book before seeing the movie. Western culture has become accustomed to laziness. We all want the quickest and fastest fix possible when it comes to doing stuff. Hence the spike in online shopping, food delivery services, and getting the news on social media. I feel like it is a mix of an accumulated ideal that makes people so turned off to certain things, especially anime. Those are just some of my thoughts on this matter.

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    1. Yeah but I think that’s a completely different problem. I wouldn’t necessarily put the blame on Hollywood movie adaptations for that even if a lot of people who watch it don’t end up watching the original.

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      1. But that’s the thing with Hollywood…they don’t promote the original source material like they should. Instead of being like, “Hey we are doing an adaptation of (whatever anime/manga/show) why don’t you go check out the original source material” they just shove whatever they have come up with/created in order to make a quick buck. It’s essentially a money grab. The anime community is essentially “dying” because people don’t want to spend the money or time on watching the original. Hence why it takes longer for anime’s to get funding for second seasons, OVA’s, or movies. Let alone if they are even granted a second season period. (And this mainly goes for the western culture in the U.S.) Japan has dedicated cafes, pop-up shops, billboards, museums to anime/iconic shows/characters. You don’t get to see those types of things here in the states and if you do it is very rare. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of amazing supportive fans in the U.S. it just a give and take type of thing. We spend billions of dollars on movies and other shit we don’t need and yet we can’t even figure out a good economy system lol it just blows my mind the things we waste our money on XD

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      2. You are insinuating that if they did specified or marketed the film in a way that promotes the original that the people hearing about it would actually check out the original. I see 2 problems with that presumption: 1. Your Name is pretty popular among the anime community. If someone’s firstly discovering it through this film I’d have to assume they are not a huge fan of anime. 2. If they are not an anime fan why would they watch the original? Marketing the original isn’t in Hollywoods job description and it would hardly benefit the original source material because everyone who knows of the original has either already watched it or isn’t an anime fan.

        Granted, I do think a few ppl might like the film and research the fact that it is an adaptation of an anime and then maybe start to like anime. And yeah, I agree that it is probably a cash grab. However, I don’t think it is one that has a negative effect on us. It actually slightly benefits us.

        Regarding the economy: U.S. Citizens direct their money towards movies rather than Anime-related cafes and other things Japan does because that’s what they want. Anime isn’t wildly popular here yet, it’s not our culture.

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