Digimon story Cyber Sleuth: A Bittersweet Dilemna

Digimon Story is probably heralded as the best Digimon game, if not one of the best. Reasonably so, out of all the Digimon games this one had me playing for days on end. Not to mention the Persona esq art style which goes brilliantly with the more mature story. The concept is easily the greatest part of the game: essentially, the president of Kamishiro Enterprises wanted to create a world where humans from around the globe could interact with each other in 1 free space. Thus he invented the Cyberspace known as: EDEN. However, just like trolls on the Internet; certain people used malicious programs that would gradually make EDEN a more dangerous place. These people are “hackers” and they called their programs “Digimon”. As the player, you and your friends are invited to EDEN by an official EDEN avatar and are immediately hacked and given “Digimon Capture Programs”. Long story short, you get into trouble and an “eater” eats your avatar but it happens while you are logging out of EDEN so in some weird fashion you successfully log out with your digital body and your real body is hospitalized with “EDEN Syndrome”. But now you have the ability to jump into any electronic device and you become a cyber sleuth so you have to fix shit and figure out everything that’s going wrong with the world and fix THAT… Then fix the digital world cuz that’s also fucked up. It’s a lot of fixing.

To explain what EDEN Syndrome is: basically, whoever gets eaten by an eater has their real body put in a coma indefinitely. Once you are found by Kyoko Kuremi, she makes you her bitch (assistant) and names you a cyber sleuth (online detective). To summarize what the characters are like: Kyoko is a know-it-all who’s never surprised and good at everything except making coffee, which appear to be fatal to drink. Arata is Sasuke Uchiha except he’s actually kind of a huge geek. Yuuko is a bisexual Princess with a brother complex and the appetite of a lion. Nokia is a happy go-lucky Goddess who might as well be the protagonist.

This cast is pretty endearing. Mainly Nokia because her character is probably the only one that has any development due to her carefree approach to life. And despite having doubts in the face of danger and forced to face her fears she remains true to her way of life and finds strength in the encouragement of her friends. Which is why I like her so much better than the main character. The MC is supposed to be a silent protagonist of some sort but she/he does talk occasionally. The way they are handled just feels like a half-assed Link. It’s also awkward whenever the moment is supposed to be dramatic and people are talking to you about whether or not they should kill themselves only for them to convince themselves in the end because even though they are talking to you, you aren’t saying anything. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the story very much. While it is no masterpiece due to flaws like: not really explaining exactly how one normally logs into EDEN, it has a jam packed narrative full of twists and turns that I genuinely connected with.

But as enjoyable as it was to play through the game, I have to say it is very clear not a lot of effort was put into making this game as presentable as it should’ve been. It’s a very low quality game with cheap looking character models, limited amount of animation and invisible walls. That isn’t even mentioning the few areas you have the liberty of exploring and the re-used dungeons. Really, this game had all the tools to be something great but funny enough it has the same problem a lot of other Digimon related content seem to have: a low budget.


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