Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land’s feat on having better world-building than Kakegurui (Republished)

“This is very random” is what you may be thinking. But I feel this is a critical thing to document, as superfluous as it may be. The reason this is such a big deal is because I am about to put over a 2-episode hentai and describe why it does 1 aspect in creating a good anime. That isn’t to say it does such a thing great at all but the idea of it being better than one of the most popular anime recently is pretty mind-boggling so take a seat if you’re not sitting down and if you are: stay seated.

Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land or Keiland for short sets inside an adult theme park where you greet everyone you meet with sex. Nobody cares who they are having sex with so long as they are doing it every moment possible. Regardless, both genders need to go through a process before entering Keiland. Firstly, they need to attach stickers on their body and there’s 3 you can choose from: 1. Free sex. 2. Free kiss and 3. Free touch. But it’s pretty evident that everyone just uses the free sex sticker because the other ones will just lead to sex anyways. Girls are obligated to go through vaginal washing as to avoid any kind of diseases from spreading and boys put on complimentary condoms and get check-ups for something like an STD.

This is all explained within the first episode and granted Keiland doesn’t have much else going for it besides the sheer beauty of its setting, that’s more than you can say for Kakegurui. A show that, “surprisingly” (get the sarcasm?), takes place within a high school. A very boring and pretentiously decorated high school that’s hard to believe could ever exist. Hyakkaou Private Academy prepares its rich students by teaching them how to gamble. And they almost have a kind of ranking system, the more you win the more money you have and the more money you have then the higher up you can go; going as far up as joining the student council is the goal everyone wants to achieve. Why? Not really sure. Maybe there are perks when it comes to being part of it or maybe these people just wanna be in a position where others look up to them. Anyways, these don’t seem like believable ideals for someone to have just for the sake of it.

it’s a lot like wanting to be popular in school but why would you want to be popular anyways? What do you gain from it? A bunch of sheep kissing your feet? Sounds like a waste of time and effort. Speaking of treating people like animals, that is literally the punishment for owing a debt (being referred to as cats and dogs and forcing them to clean the school). Owing a debt isn’t as easygoing as Kakegurui portrays it, especially since everyone in the school that owes a debt have rich parents so it’s not like they can’t go into school the next night and pay it off unless there’s some excruciating circumstances. But generally speaking, that is about the extent of what it means to be in the “bottom of the barrel”. Now, let us move on to the flaws this premise presents us with:
The first problem you’ll find is: why gamble? It doesn’t seem to me like it is a requirement to learn how to gamble even in this school that specializes in such a thing. And there have been plenty of people who clearly don’t want to be there, especially those being treated like animals. Even if they are, somehow, required to go to school at night and learn how to gamble; how the fuck does this get passed their parents? I can see some of these students having parents that are forcing them or want them to attend these classes but it’d be a huge stretch to assume ALL of the parents are in agreement with such an illegal education. And I know that there are a lot of students that want to be there for one reason or another but that doesn’t change the situation. Parents still want to know why their kids are going out on school night and where. And I don’t think all of them would fall for the “extracurricular activities” excuse.
But Kakegurui thinks that they can ignore these major flaws within their world by just ignoring the rest of the world altogether. To them, it’s just an anime that takes place within a school. The why or how it exists doesn’t concern them because they don’t care about establishing their world.
Keiland, at least, acknowledges the fact that there IS a world outside of its amusement park setting by kicking off the show with a bus that’s heading towards the Keiland with the characters inside of it. Yes, the bus doesn’t look like it’ll ever be accepted within society but this IS a hentai. Anyways, that is all. Cheers!


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