RWBY Volume 5: How Adam Takes The Reins Like a Digibro(ny)

Hay hay, every po- neigh! And well, everyone else. The fifth volume of RWBY started and while I couldn’t be more excited, especially with the progression of the story; a completely sober thought crossed my mind. With how masterfully Adam used his popularity to take over the White Fang and become High Leader, it seemed awfully similar to a scenario currently in the real world. Or more importantly, the internet!

That’s right I am talking about Digibro or to call him by his true name: Digibrony! How are they similar? It’s simple. When the My Little Pony fandom had nobody, who came in and used their soft, buttery voice and talked them into believing they could use their minds to artistically interpret situations within the My Little Pony universe slightly differently than what they initially thought? Who was it that made analyzation cool for bronies? Who rose to the top and become the indisputable king of everypony?

Ding ding ding!

Now, if we move onto Adam, you’ll see a lot of the similarities. Joining the White Fang, ridding Sienna Khan of the throne and becoming high leader? And he does all of this while still being loved by the other Faunus! Why? Well, because he’s fucking hot! Kind of parallels with Digibro’s soft buttery voice. And you might point out the glaring differences in their views and psychology. One is just a lazy buffalo who sits on his chair and watches Japanese cartoons and the other is a semi-animal trying to lead his people into becoming the dominant race of the entire world and forcing the humans into slavery!

I hear that. But first lesson kids, sometimes you can’t take a step forward unless you take 2 steps back. Adam was not always a DICK-tator. Or rather, he was hiding his dickery while working under High Leader Khan’s leadership and alongside Blake, who loved him for who she thought he was. But the only reason he wasn’t high leader at the time was because he didn’t need to be. For him, going around and poisoning the minds of other Faunus was his priority. Don’t you see it now? That’s exactly what Digibro is doing! Why else do you think he has such a neutral opinion on the whole “legal streaming vs illegal streaming” debate? It’s because he knows how to convince both groups to work under his banner! Is it also a coincidence he got into anime shortly after shedding his horn? I think not! The reason he went into discussing and analyzing anime and different kinds of medium inside Japanese culture is because he knew we, as people who were bullied and disgraced for loving the things we love, are vulnerable and with our continually growing community, who else would they look to for closure other than the most questionably analytical person?

Not only that but being the popular anime youtuber that he is, it gives him loads of fandoms he could recruit. I mean, he’s shamelessly watching every Pokemon movie in order. Out of interest? No! It’s his attempt to recruit the Pokemon fandom and convert them into his lackeys! 

You might also be thinking “The major flaw of this theory is that Adam has a cause to fight and is passionate about while Digibro simply just cares about his own comfort”. And that is where you’re wrong! Remember when I said Adam could be high leader any time he wanted to? If you think about it in Digibro’s case, he already took the brony crown but why would any king remove his crown? Because he “Doesn’t feel like being king”? No… The truth is: Digibro isn’t in on this alone… The entire fandom of MLP is after us. All of us. This was planned from the very moment Digi became king of the ponies! He and everypony is out to get us and prove that THEY are the dominant species! They are just hiding… Biding their time until their ruler gives them the signal. You wonder what his cause is? The same it’s always been… For Bronies to take over The world.

Of course, now that I’ve exposed Digibro… er.. Digibrony, we can avoid his tyrannical reign! If you like this video and share it everywhere, you can contribute to the revolution that stops this sick bastard! Also, Adam’s a fucking badass.


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