Net-Juu no Susume’s Downfall of Needless Conflicts

I’ve freely enjoyed watching a low effort yet stylistically in-depth anime known as Net-Juu no Susume. However, enjoyment has decreased as it becomes more and more frustrating! I still like watching a lot of these characters interact and appreciate its amazing use of the MMO asset. The only big issue is Yuuta Sakurai himself. Originally, he was an admirable character for his level of perception; which is lost in the face of many other male main characters. But as he almost immediately uncovers that his male partner, in-game, is also a very well-endowed and harmonious female human being, he takes an attraction towards her and asks her out.

Due to anxiety problems, Morioka turns him down, of course, he doesn’t exactly know why. Morioka runs into former co-worker and Sakurai’s friend, Homare Kowai and like the eccentric joker that he is, he nails her into giving him her phone number and e-mail address, not only to bother Sakurai, but to eventually hook them up. That is, until Sakurai tells Kowai that he isn’t going for Morioka anymore, even though, he’s clearly struggling over that decision for about 2 episodes and counting. Blondes, right?

The problem with this being the one and only conflict is that it isn’t a conflict. It is just one dude being a little bitch over literally nothing. There is not 1 god damn reason why he shouldn’t try and date Morioka yet he insists on this being a problem! This is like a dehydrated african kid saying “no” to free water. 

 I expected this show to actually show us what a relationship is like between 2 junkies who can’t get enough of playing video games together. I mean, that, to me, sounds like a lot of fun! You’d think Sakurai would think the same but the real question for him is whether or not he wants to have fun.


At this point, I’d rather she end up with Kowai.


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