PP Pocket Positive: Date A Live’s Sadistic Mistress

Welcome, my friends, to Pocket Positive! The weekly mini-series where  I cut out a positive aspect of a specific anime that is, otherwise, hot garbage. The intention is to show people that no matter how bad a lot of anime are, there are qualities inside of them that can prove to be actually quite good and in turn, help grow the community into a healthier state.

The first show I’ve decided to discuss is Date A Live. And as you might’ve guessed, the one thing I really liked in Date A Live was a character by the name of Kurumi Tokisaki. And her appeal is warranted by her design alone! While the other characters look like a bunch of ice cream flavors for a generic protagonist to choose from, Kurumi has a lot more to her. Theoretically speaking, this is probably because she is the main antagonist of the entire series, therefore, it was necessary for her to look a bit more interesting than the other girls who are guaranteed to garner a large fanbase of people who typically like those kinds of common characteristics such as the loli who has her hand up your ass or the kuudere soldier girl who wants em’ dick.

Kurumi doesn’t do anything super spectacular, she’s just cool as shit! While all the other characters have common magical abilities such as controlling fire, different kinds of watery elements and well, energy blasts…? Anyways, Kurumi sort of tampers with time. I don’t believe she outright controls time, more so, she can fire bullets into physical things and stop their time… Kind of like putting someone in pause, literally. But it doesn’t stop there, she can shoot herself to bring out Kurumis from other points in time to assist her in battle. This ability isn’t very well defined but it’s still fuckin’ cool! Especially since these aren’t really clones, these are actually Her. Her personality, her free will. It plays into the narrative in what I feel was arguably the best written piece in all of Date A Live, even if it was very typical for the main character to save her in the end.

My favorite thing is just how insane she is. Most villains in this kind of genre; especially females, typically follow a fine line. Even when they’re written to give the illusion that they are capable of killing, Kurumi has no qualms with committing murder. In fact, she goes the extra mile to prove that she’s willing to commit mass murder just to prove a point! Don’t give a fuck, i’m puttin’ mah dick in crazy! 

With all that’s said and done, I hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know if you wanna see more ‘pocket positives’ and yes, I intentionally titled it as such so I could abbreviate it as “PP” because I am THAT immature. Thanks!


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