I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying Helping the Young Understand Marriage

I dived into this short 4-koma manga with extremely low expectations as it was just a 3 minute per ep series. I came out of my binge-watch wholly satisfied and revitalized. That isn’t to say I rated it highly because it is really short and has about as much quality as its runtime- but that is to say, it pretty much used every second of every minute to the fullest.

To finally talk about what makes it so great; I would have to point out how progressive the initial season is. I am mainly talking about how Kaoru and Hajime having legitimate gripes when it came to their marriage and hashed things out calmly. It was a good anecdote of how marriage can have small downsides. But it wasn’t just the fact that they talked things out but how they did it. As somewhat of a NEET, Hajime had his own ways of going about things that Kaoru didn’t fully understand but that we could easily relate to.

She’d try to edge him towards more orthodox paths of life. Also, she’d talk to her friends about it who have their own marriages. As such, they talk about their husbands all the time and I feel that’s a large part of adulthood that doesn’t get explained enough in anime. The act of socializing with other married couples and dealing with marriage. 

Each moment in this show is dedicated to participate in how Kaoru and Hajime find a comfortable middle ground through communication and they do this for everything! Through marriage and even through pregnancy. A lot of people chalk up its strengths to relatability and comfort but it’s nothing so arbitrary as that. It has a legitimately nice and interesting plot that remains progressive, at least till the end of the first season. Admittedly, I didn’t like the second season. It wasn’t nearly progressive and efficient as the first one. Besides moments of genuine delight that I found in seeing some characters interact  and the last few episodes giving an equally delightful excerpt of how our married couple came together; I thought it could’ve shown the many stages of pregnancy and how they were to handle it. In fact, the pregnancy almost felt like a non-factor.

As a whole, it was a very amusing and calm short series of actually meaningful happenings that connect with each other unlike a lot of 4-koma manga adaptations. Take a seat back when you watch this one- it’s great.


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