Update: Youtube Channel, Blog and my Goal As An Anime Critic/Journalist

I like to keep these updates brief but this may not be as brief as I might like, so, let’s get started.

I’m sure some of you know of my youtube channel but if you don’t; do check it out with the link here. I want to commit a little more than I am on the videos that I am making. And during that process, I write a script which I adapt into a written post for the blog. It’s a very efficient way to juggle both youtube channel and blog. Additionally, I do consider myself as someone who still cares about the blog as it’s where I came from and also where I would habitually create satirical content and other quirky stuff just for fun’s sake.

Recently, it’s been a little more of a slog to create a blog specific post that’s as detailed as some of my videos. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should make shit that takes like a fuckin’ thousand words or more specifically video-related. That means I’ll just be doing shorter blog-specific posts and the videos will be more of a larger scope kind of in-depth analysis that, just like always, will be later adapted into a written post.

A lot like posts I’ve been doing recently like ‘I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying Helping the Young Understand Marriage‘ or Chihayafuru is Repetitive‘. When I wrote these posts it was a lot more enjoyable when considering them as blog specific posts. As I feel, blog posts should be shorter and easier to consume. This is mainly specific to my writing style as someone who generally summarizes all I’ve written into the title. ‘Chihayafuru is repetitive’ is a good example. I sincerely doubt most people want to read a 3 thousand word essay about every little thing I found repetitive in the show. I feel stuff like that should be reserved for a video format where someone can just listen in. Again, my videos will still be adapted into written form. So, if you are exclusively a blog reader then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

With that said, I might also adapt blog specific posts into video form for some souls that just want to listen into those as well. But these won’t have much editing involved; it’ll just be the audio with a picture slammed on. Similar to what I did with ‘Darling in the FranXX│Very Light-Novel‘. The reason is because I can’t fully edit every single video if I do this. The bigger projects will be the ones I focus all my editing time into as those are the mainstay channel videos.

But the biggest thing I wanna talk about is my goal as an anime critic and journalist. This is the thing I feel most critics and even journalists kind of forget or never even thought about and that’s what makes them terrible at their job. I want to make anime better than it is. And this isn’t some arbitrary positive slogan like “Make Anime Great Again”, no. First off, I feel the need to explain that I did not really grow up with anime or was introduced to it. I consider myself a first generation “otaku”, if you wanna call me that (but don’t, I really don’t like labels). I found anime around my mid-teens. Grew up watching a lot of live-action shows and films but mainly video games. You have to consider that a lot of how I think and criticize is adapted from my knowledge of those mediums.

You may ask: “Then why do you love anime so much?
My answer is simply that anime is the best medium. Whether it’s drawing in 2D or moving body parts in 3D, I genuinely think anime has no glass ceiling whereas something like film-making, despite having an incredibly high glass-ceiling, there’s still a point where I feel that ceiling will be touched. Even when it comes to books or novels that probably equalize with anime in terms of unlimited potential in storytelling- books don’t really offer a visual presentation as to what you’re reading. It’s ‘theater of the mind’ and while that may be enough for a lot of people; it isn’t for me. More to the point, the art of animation can often be so incredibly out of this world it is a wonder to me how few of us actually appreciate it. But when it comes to the narrative sense of anime, that’s where I feel it vastly drops in quality.

And I wanna make a video series on this concept someday but to give a preview of my problems with the way the anime industry limits itself by keeping a lot of their anime so genre specific- I will briefly talk about Slice of Life series.

Whenever I hear people talking about this genre and how popular it is makes me think back to a quote from Alfred Hitchcock

“Some films are slices of life, mine are slices of cake”

What this represents is that Hitchcock loved to create bigger, much more contextually filled worlds but the components from your every day slice of life films or, in this context, anime isn’t scrapped or thrown to the wayside. It is integrated into something much bigger than itself. Suddenly, you don’t just have a slice of life but a plot full of adventure, mystery and even romance! That’s what we should strive to achieve! I’m not taking away from those who just love to see random musings or clips of characters doing mundane things. I just think, as critics, we shouldn’t behave like this is a whole story or as valuable as such. Because it is only a component that makes a story great.

Now, I understand that you’re more of a journalistic mindset where you simply enjoy them as standalone components. In fact, do write about what you feel when you watch something like K-On! or Yokohama and express yourself. Because there are people that wanna know how you feel about a show they watched. But let me run you through the differences of writing purely from a journalistic perspective:

As an example, I’ll do a short script of why I love Ruby Rose, from RWBY, as a character.
‘Ruby is one of my favorite characters because I love her black/white perspective on life. It’ll be satisfying to watch reality crash down on her’.

This is written from a journalistic perspective. You can tell because, realistically, I said nothing but “I love Ruby Rose because of her black/white perspective”. Everything else doesn’t really say anything. Not because it is useless info but because there’s nothing backing what I am saying. This is why journalists will often get criticized and rightfully so. You can’t put something out there and not expect criticism. Granted, journalism is very important. Because this where you talk about the subject and how you feel about it. But eventually, you have to also be a critic if you’re gonna give your writing any meaning.

For example: ‘Ruby is one of my favorite characters because I love her black/white perspective on life. This is brilliantly sold in episode 9 of volume 2 where she and Professor Oobleck are staking out a herd of ancient grimm that are peacefully walking by. In which case, Ruby cocks her sniper rifle and says “Let’s kill it!” to which Oobleck stops her and explains to her that they don’t want to fight. They are wise enough to know they will die in battle. As such, there is no reason to combat them. But the greatest thing about Ruby is knowing she’s part of a world that’s capable of being torn at any given time and, as an aspiring huntress, she’ll have to face a very gray reality’.

As a critic I provided a contextually specific example that depicts my love for the character and my excitement to see how she will develop and that’s what makes it criticism. You can’t have 1 without the other. But if you really don’t care and you’re fine watching slice of life or whatever genre you love the way it is now; that’s okay. I know it’s contradictory for me to say that but I cannot force you to see things my way. But I want you to consider everything I’ve said in this post- or video! Because this will be turned into a video.

And, if you like the content I produce. Please, do share my youtube or my blog. Share it everywhere you can! Any and every support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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