The Potential Saving Grace of Character Dynamics

Character dynamics doesn’t just revolve around a singular character. Hell, I’d say the relationships between characters and how they function as a group is what truly makes it ‘dynamic’. 

Black Clover is a relatively mediocre anime that I am sure plenty of people have negative opinions of the main characters, as do I. However, I would wager that it is notably easier to watch Asta and Yuno interact rather than seeing them play their individual parts. There’s a certain level of acknowledgement that they put forth whenever they talk to each other. Like, they legitimately see each other as rivals but not the kind of rival you’d wanna kill but one you consider as your brother. Something Naruto was very inconsistent at doing. Now, did this save Black Clover from being terrible? Course not, it fucking sucks.

But I think I made my point. Their rivalry dynamic did up the quality and while it didn’t save their characters; it is something we should be aware of when talking about the quality of certain characters and their roles.

I remember watching Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and I do think anyone will tell you that Amira was not the most entertaining character. Despite this, she worked because her dynamic with Favaro helped her become a better character and they almost never separated. When they did… Amira was a little annoying. You can argue that Favaro ‘carried’ her throughout the series but I always viewed Amira as a very temporary character as she was pretty much the entire plot in 1 soul. But I wanted to put this example out there as well since I do believe it is 1 of those times where a character was saved by the dynamic they share with someone else.



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