On The Argument That Some Anime Are Just For Fun

This is probably my biggest gripe with the community because this isn’t even an argument. Like, people don’t often see that when you’re saying something like Ben-To isn’t supposed to be a super serious story, It’s just supposed to be wacky and fun! You’re telling me that it’s a waste of time.

The reason is really simple: If I am going to use up to 23 minutes of my time per episode on something that essentially isn’t a story and is just random musings or some wacky comedy. Just don’t even recommend it to me, honestly. Despite watching plenty of clubroom, cute girls do cute things and harem anime- I will not give it a good score, I will not say good things about unless it did something incredibly unique (ex. Chivalry of a Failed Knight) and I probably won’t even watch it. And it doesn’t deserve praise. I get that there are some people that just LIKE having less of a story and more of a hyperbolic string of happenings.

But if it is NOT a story or trying to be a story; it is already bad and i’m going to have to put my foot down here. If I do not feel that the world plays any part in the story, it’s probably bad. If the characters are stereotypes I’ve seen a million times before and nothing more, it’s probably bad. If the plot is non-existent, it’s… Well, it’s bad.

These are core aspects to making a story what it is! And, in many cases, a story in anime lasts as long as random musings. Why should I watch Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu when I could watch Black Lagoon to get an actual story for even less time considering that Black Lagoon has 1 less episode than Baka to Test. Why would I sit through something that objectively has less in it?

It’s like deciding between a game that has 60 hours of playtime or a game with 5 hours of playtime and both cost $60 dollars. You can buy the 5 hour game for whatever reason, that’s fair enough. You cannot justify a 5 hour game being better than a 60 hour game for the same price. And just to be clear: it’s 60 hours of varying gameplay, not something super repetitive that you’re sinking 56 hours of grinding and 4 hours of actually new content.

To better define exactly what I mean I am going to conclude this post by saying:

I’m not gonna sit down and watch characters in a clubroom talking about how lazy some guy is for 30 minutes, if I can just watch a girl that can turn into a dragon every time she’s horny attempt to repair the damaged relationships of angels, demons and humans while including genuinely unique characters that I probably can’t find anywhere else for the same amount of time then I’ll probably watch that.


4 thoughts on “On The Argument That Some Anime Are Just For Fun

  1. I don’t really see mindless comedy and something more involved as both being 60 hour RPGs. I see them as a 60 hour RPG and, say, a 15-20 hour visual novel. One may be shorter, but it’s also less think-y or mental investment. I can just sit back and enjoy the ride with less planning and analyzing on where it’s going.

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    1. The issue is that, in most cases, they still take the same amount of time. Both games are worth 60 dollars but 1 is a 60 hour RPG and another is a 20 hour visual novel. By and large, the 60 hour RPG has more in it but they’re both worth 60 dollars, for whatever reason.

      Which one would be better or worth your money to buy? I’d naturally take what gives me more hours of gameplay.

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  2. I am so happy that one of my most favorite anime, Chivalry of a Failed Knight gets mentioned here. I like this anime so much I watched it countless times. It’s a pity it seems it won’t get a second season.

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