Don’t Accept That Your Favorite Anime is Trash

Some guy looks at your anime list and sees that you have Eromanga-Sensei rated as a 10/10 and ridicules you for that. He says that your taste is “trash”. You willingly submit to this word as if it means that something is ironically good. Or simply, that it is fine.

No, Trash does not mean ironically good. Trash does not mean that it is an accepted addition to the medium. Trash is not a word you should use proudly. Trash is trash. It’s something that has the equal worth of something that should be cremated and forgotten as it serves no purpose in this world. If you, at all, care about your own opinion as a part of the community or the anime you like then you owe it to yourself to prove why your anime is NOT trash and that, in fact, you have superior taste. Even if you’re not someone who cares too much about the aspect of proving or disproving subject matters; I would still urge you to avoid calling your favorite anime “trash” because, like I said, it does not reflect positively and in no way shape or form should it be an accepted slang that describes your taste.

Because for better or for worse you’re not only doing yourself a disservice but to the anime you’re trying to raise awareness for. When any normal human being looks at the word “trash” they associate that word as something they should stay away from. Even if I “ironically” like Eureka Seven, it would be stupid of me to call it trash because that would mean that people who see my message will think that they have no business going near something that I am calling trash. And that’s not something I want to do. I want people to watch Eureka Seven. I want people to like it for what it is. I think it is the closest thing to a masterpiece in Japanese animation and I want people to experience that and not have any prejudice going into the series.

So, please. Do stand up for the anime you believe to be superior. Even if you enter a debate with someone and they give you legitimate reasons as to why your favorite anime is, indeed, trash then that just means you’re wrong and you should check your tastes. But first, be absolutely sure you’re wrong in that debate. Re-analyze and re-watch whatever it is that the opponent insisted you were wrong about and, who knows, maybe you’ll find something that disproves their argument and they have to accept that your anime isn’t trash and that you’re an intellectual giant!

Just a small diatribe in what I firmly believe is wrong. But if you think differently; don’t hesitate to step up and challenge me on this.


One thought on “Don’t Accept That Your Favorite Anime is Trash

  1. This is totally true: it all comes down to personal taste in the end. Just because someone dislikes something doesn’t mean that you have to agree with it. I love going into debates, but as long as they are civilised and everyone just respects each other’s opinions. Great post! 😊

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