Just to Have It Out There: My Top 10 Anime (atm)

I’m just going to quickly drop my top 10 anime just to have it on my blog because strangely enough I feel it is weird that it hasn’t been written down. Here you go: (Yes, it’s in order)

  1. RWBY (No brainer. Tempted to put it lower considering recent events but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just remember it’s still up there.)
  2. Eureka Seven (Also a no brainer.)
  3. Made in Abyss (A lot of freebies, really.)
  4. Stein’s;Gate (Now it’s starting to deviate but at the same time this one’s a popular pick.)
  5. Ponyo (So far, my favorite Ghibli film. Has all the wonder and whimsical eccentricity that gets children to start imagining and provides a level of depth that most anime can only dream of achieving in under 2 hours.)
  6. Bakemono no Ko (I feel like the theme behind this film carries a basic philosophy but a very necessary one and one that I think couldn’t be written better.)
  7. Howl’s Moving Castle (A simpler visualization of how creativity and whimsy can make a world feel so dynamic and the characters so joyous to watch as they try to maneuver their way out of very diverse and interesting obstacles while still being able to teach its audience something that’ll help them through life forever.)
  8. Redline (One of the only anime, so far, that seemingly has any tact when it comes to making their characters feel so genuine and uses them to enrich the amazing thrill ride that’s the chaotic style of an almost steampunk sci-fi world of extreme racers. It’s cool as shit. Could’ve easily been #1-3 if only it didn’t feel like it was cut so short. Sequel please?)
  9. No Game No Life (An anime I have probably more bias for than anything else as it feels like someone literally took a world I’ve dreamed of and made it into a reality. With that in mind, I think the characters are stupid but also make up for it with amazingly off-handed writing that can only work for a show like this. Also another anime that deserves a sequel.)
  10. Death Note (Technically tied with Attack on Titan S2 but since AoT S1 ended below Death Note’s rating; Death Note automatically buys into the 10th spot. Death Note is the pinnacle of being a psychological thriller. A lot of its praise goes into the writing of the characters and how they performed said roles as well as the unique direction Tetsurou Araki. But I’d mostly give it praise for being able to do all that while still maintaining a very climactic story, which can probably be mostly credited to Araki’s direction. But yeah, people underestimate the ability to be both a psychological anime and a thriller. Believe me, it’s harder than you think but Death Note managed it with flying colors.)

I’m probably gonna put this somewhere on the blog where everyone can access it more easily. But for now, this is where it’s at. I’d love to hear your top 10 and why you love those anime so comment the below aaaaaand for some reason I also wanna mention Ni No Kuni as it popped into my head for literally no reason. Love that game, by the way.


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