3D Kanojo: Real Girl│What Romance Anime Typically do in 12 Episodes; This did it in One

I am not calling this a masterpiece after one episode. But it certainly made a stronger impression than any romance anime I’ve seen thus far. Even stronger than my favorite romance anime: Kokoro Connect. It is not particularly special. I foresee it going downhill rather quickly. A lot like After the Rain. The romance anime last season that I also quickly paraded on about after 2 episodes. However, I should cut to the headline:

It feels like stuff happens. That’s rare for romance shows. Usually on episode 1 the love interests meet and the protagonist has to think about whether or not their love interest has good intentions or they’re too timid to face them, therefore, taking an entire season before a confession is even made. And even when the other person confesses the protagonist still doesn’t trust them enough to confess themselves because fuck logic. Throughout this headache-inducing plot you’ll find mellow dramatic moments that’ll take an entire episode for the characters to contemplate on and resolve. Meeting the love interests’ parents is another endeavor that happens to take another long episode of brooding and contemplation. Grocery shopping becomes an overbearing task as our maiden-like protagonist spots her inevitable husbando across the market and decides that she’s scared for him to see her not dressed like she’s about to pose as a model. So, she hides behind a stall. Suddenly, breathing the same Earthly air as this love interest is also something she’ll need to be concerned with and takes 3 episodes to really wrap her head around until she finally accepts that breathing is normal. Fuck it! I’ve made my point! I’m not dipping any further into insanity!

The main character is an otaku. Otaku meets really pretty girl. Really pretty girl cause a love triangle which eventually gets her slapped by another guy. Otaku “saves” her by getting his ass beat. Really pretty girl wants his dick(She likes him… Not actually… You know). Really pretty girl asks for dick. Otaku doesn’t believe she’s genuine as she purposely caused a love triangle. Really pretty girl leaves. Otaku finds her crying and helps her again by getting her out of another situation and giving his umbrella to her so she can go home safely under the rain. Otaku comes to school sick. At this point, she REALLY wants his dick. She kisses him knowing full well he has a cold. Otaku mans up and confesses. They start dating. She does bring up another obstacle but that’s irrelevant for now. The episode ends.

WAS. THAT. HARD? I mean… Probably was for him if you know what I mea- NO! Serious talk! Was that hard? Our lovebirds went from ‘acquaintance’ to ‘dating’ in 1 episode! Now, you might say that it’s a bit too fast. I would have to disagree. I’m not saying that there aren’t certain instances where characters end up together too fast; that’s certainly a flaw for some shows (not this one, so far). And, in real life, this generally would turn out pretty bad. But this is anime and, to be honest, romance isn’t this perfectly well-written plot. It never should be. Love is all about having a ‘reason’. Doesn’t have to be a good reason you just have to have it. And sometimes you don’t even need a specific reason. Love is about demonstrating that ‘feeling’. Making the viewers believe the character’s feelings and their motives behind that sentiment. What drives their heart to beat faster when they’re around someone? With a good demonstration on her feelings an understanding shall come soon enough.

For this hot piece of 2D lines- what’s her name…? Iroha. For Iroha she fell for… Shit, let me look this guy up on MAL. Gimme a second… Tsutsui! Wow, that’s actually his name? Iroha fell for Tsutsui the moment he came to her aid. Simply put, he saved her. That’s enough for her. Goes to show that she hasn’t much experience in the “love” department. But that’s fine. These are teens, after all. I do find that endearing as I know just how easily adolescents can fall in love. I, myself, have become susceptible to this. I think this concept of love has been coming around recently and I am pretty proud of anime for going through with it recently.

As far as the characters go… They’re fine. I understand who they are and how they think. Well, mostly Tsutsui. Iroha is a bit more of a mystery. I have my theories about her but they did a good job in creating a mysterious aura around her. I genuinely feel excited for their relationship to flesh out along with getting to know her. If I had one issue with the series, thus far, it doesn’t look “amazing”. It certainly could use better… and ‘more’ animation. It doesn’t try to use its visual medium well enough. The characters look fine. There’s subtlety in their designs that I really like. I love the fact that the MC doesn’t look overly generic. I like that they kept semi-realistic colors so that it maintains a realistic vibe but doesn’t look drowned out and boring.  The backgrounds look damn boring, though. I suppose it kind of comes with the setting… But that’s 3D Kanojo real girl. She’s a real girl. I like it. Bye.


6 thoughts on “3D Kanojo: Real Girl│What Romance Anime Typically do in 12 Episodes; This did it in One

  1. I was not sure wether I should give the anime a try or not, but it seems pretty interesting and unlike other romance animes quite fast paced as well.

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