I Have a Yu-Gi-Oh! Obsession…

It’s not just Yugioh but I do have an obsession on keeping up with certain anime just because I think it’s funny. I like looking at My Anime List and seeing all the Sword Art Online shows I have on my completed list and i’m probably going to watch the latest one that came out this season but I look back on it and I see the long list of Sword Art Online series and I look at the ratings… So, I think about what other people might think when they see that.

I mean, it gets to the point where I worry about how hard they think about it. Does it emotionally effect them? Do they have a mental breakdown when they see it? Imagine it… Why? “Why is Sword Art Online so consistently rated low yet this man keeps watching it! Why? What… Are you doing? Why do you keep watching?!?! It makes 0 sense!”

And I feel bad… But it’s also fucking hilarious! 49 episodes, 2 2-hour long movies, 9-episode spin-off and a 1-episode spin-off of Ordinal Scale and he didn’t like any of them to rate above a 5. Even I wonder sometimes what goes through my mind. Especially since I’ve rewatched SAO 3 times! 3 times! I’m a little sad the stats don’t show that but it’s true!

But that does not compare to my obsession with Yugioh. I don’t exactly adore Yugioh in any way. I don’t really hate it, either. I was a huge Yugioh fan when I was younger; played the game lots. I keep up with the anime for NO reason. I mean, it’s funny that’s the reason. But I literally get nothing from watching it. I’ve watched almost everything. I currently have Vrains on-hold but I will finish it! Quote me. I’m rewatching Yugioh GX alongside Little Kuriboh’s videos on it. I’m probably going to rewatch the Pyramid of Light mainly because I wanna rate it appropriately. But I have no rated any yugioh above a 5, either. I wanna re-state that I don’t hate them… It’s just how it works, man. But I do wonder what people think when they stumble upon my list and see that. See that i’m also watching Vrains and wonder what kind of masochistic asshole I have to be to continue to watch something I seemingly do not like. For the record, I do enjoy watching all of it. But it’s mainly because I enjoy the thought of someone looking at it and thinking: “The AUDACITY of this white motherfucker!” Drives me insane… Anyways, I just wanted to bring that up.

I do want to eventually make a huge project where I maybe… Stressfully rewatch all the yugioh series and hopefully with friends to keep me from going insane to kind of analyze and deduct which one is clearly the best. I feel like no one’s ever done that- for good reason but I want that experience under my belt.


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