2 Episodes in and My Hero Academia Season 3 is a Joke… (turned into an episodic review midpoint)

I know not too long ago I made a post intended to hype up the next season of Academia but it’s… SO bad. Both episodes had NOTHING. Like, episode 1 was a recap/beach episode. Well, technically ‘pool’ episode but they’re typically made with the same intention in mind so it’s all the same either way. Goes without saying this episode was a total waste of time. Added nothing to the series as a whole and I don’t know who’s idea it was to kickstart season 3 with a recap episode but they need to be fired.

Episode 2 was a lot better! Still awful. The only reason it’s better is because episode 1 was literally nothing to compete with. So, this is the real first episode and they take a bus to go to training camp. Why do we need to see characters train more than they already have at this point? It’s beyond me. Here’s a little fun fact. When I do these… I guess “first impressions” is what you’d call them..? Now that I think about it, I might as well do episodic reviews. Fuck it! 100WordAnime a new rival appears!

Anyways, whenever I watch something I know I’ll be talking about I write brief thoughts on my notebook and I add a “+” or “-” symbol next to them depending if I liked them or not. I started out the show with a “+” because cliche villains were being cliche. The reason I like how it started is because I think since this is a superhero show then its villains are allowed to be cliche and foreshadow a lot of their evil plans. Because there’s nothing more cliche than super villains. So, while in the majority of other shows I would probably say this wasn’t a good thing- it was for My Hero Academia. Now, there’s a few more cliches in this episode that aren’t as acceptable but we’ll get to them.

It started with a +… I don’t know if anyone remembers my King’s Game post but in the worst episode of that series I had, like, 6 minuses. That was the most minuses I got out of any episode. Until now. My Hero Academia episode 2 garnered 12(11) minuses! That’s 12(11) things (small or otherwise) that I did not like about it. On paper, this is the worst episode of anime that I’ve ever seen. (Excluding episodes that amounted to absolutely nothing like the last episode.) That’s crazy!

I’ve rambled long enough. Let’s go down the list as it is:

  1. Cliche conversation between Uraraka and Izuku.
    oooh! Uraraka gets close to Izuku. Izuku. Uraraka realizes she’s close. She blushes. Like, I get it. It’s anime. If a scenario plays out like this then this is the motion they’re always gonna be scripted to do. But hey! What if it panned out differently? What if the state of their relationship crossed Uraraka’s mind and gave it some genuine thought. Maybe debate her feelings on Izuku with herself. Or hey! Just save it for another time when it feels more appropriate to bring it up and not just shove it there at the beginning of the episode. 
  2. Class B guy makes fun of class A for having to go on a field trip as an extra class assignment just like his team. He also exclaims that going to the finals exempts you from taking extra classes. So, to see them there alongside him apparently gives him room to talk shit. I like this character because he’s part of an audience that would exist in real life. He’s jealous of his betters and as a jelly-belly he looks for any opening to take them down a peg. But he’s not making ANY sense! Of course there are class A students that failed the finals. Not all of them could make it to the finals. It’s a tournament bracket. Only 2 people make it to the finals! Which seg-ways into my next point.
  3. Bakugou and Todoroki are on this trip. They both made it to the finals- still there. Okay! So, making it to the finals does NOT exempt you from taking extra classes? Am I missing something? Was class B guy talking about exams or other tests of some sort? I mean it’d be silly that ALL of class A failed exams especially Izuku. So, that can’t be it. I’m gonna ask if anyone has more information or remembers something I don’t to explain this then please let me know because I refuse to believe they actually contradicted themselves so hard here.
  4. Subtitles at the top of the screen telling us who has which quirks every time a character pops up on screen.
    This happened last season, as well. It wasn’t too huge a deal. Thought it was a friendly reminder. Now, it’s just insulting. Like, we’re 3 seasons in! I already know the quirks of all these characters. I’ve watched them for 3 seasons! You also did the same thing last episode! Literally 1 episode apart! Did you assume that nobody watched the first episode because it was plain nothing? Just… Just stop.
  5. Pussycats show up and I have no inherent problem with them as characters but just that the fact that they’re obviously not super serious heroes calls to attention a more extreme issue.
    When tension’s down, everything’s just one big joke. Pussycats show up cue Izuku callin’ them old because they’re veterans. One of them says that they’re “18 at heart”. String along joke after joke until tension goes up and suddenly everyone’s a lot more serious. Look, i’m not saying the characters are one-note but they use specific notes for different situations. That’s a super unnatural and inorganic way to write your characters because it doesn’t show much of their character at all. If something severe has to happen for Izuku to assess the situation with genuine thought then he’s more of a script than a character. That’s how I’d put it. Also, it’s not “light-hearted comedy” if it’s not light. And none of it was funny.
  6. “We own this whole stretch of land here” – Pussycat #2
    We just established so many things with this one sentence and I kind of like… Kind of don’t. Firstly, they own a vast space. Meaning that heroes get paid well! But they’re not retired yet which says that they aren’t heroes for the money. I think that’s sweet. I’ve thought about this for an hour now trying to figure out why this is listed as a minus. I vaguely remember disliking this sentence for some reason but I forgot why. I’m writing this after I woke up. Anyways, nevermind. It’s fine.
  7. Stop blowing up your students.
    Pussycat #1 blows the ground up and the explosion pushes them off the side of the cliff. Look, this probably was an entertaining gag at first. Now it’s just stupid. Blowing up your students should be against the law. Maybe i’m wrong! Maybe students with quirks are the exception and you can blow them up whenever you want to. But until I see that evidence- i’m just gonna assume that the pussycats, as U.A. representatives, just harmed a bunch of children and should be put in jail. Seems like the most rational conclusion.
  8. Getting through the forest with damn near perfect coordination.
    I would accept this if they were a small squad of up to maybe 4 people. There’s 14 of them and they were surrounded by pussycat #1’s rock golems so I find it hard to believe they had a group meeting detailing everyone’s movements in the forest.
  9. I write again that “nothing is taken seriously” because just like I said before it’s just jokes after jokes and I think it’s safe to give it another demerit for that.
  10. Kota is the cliche kid that hates heroes after his parents (who were also heroes) died. I just can’t be bothered to care. I’ve seen how this story line goes a million times before and seeing it happen over again does not excite me in the slightest.
  11. Hot springs scene.
    Self-explanatory. Why a scene dedicated to fan-service when just last episode was a beach episode? 
  12. The ending to tie it all up! Aizawa trying to be an intimidating teacher like every other time he foreshadows more intensive training. There just comes a point where you do something so many times that it’s not only boring but completely worthless. He doesn’t seem at all scary because, at this point, what the fuck is the worst he can do? His students got blown up not too long ago. They’ve survived his training multiple times before. Is this supposed to illicit some kind of excitement from me? No, I don’t want to watch any more training. No matter how “intense” it may seem. I know they’re gonna get out of it just fine and stronger than ever. All i’m left with is no desire to watch the next episode.

I’m sad about that because I really liked this show! I knew it was going slow but I thought it was doing it right. But this is… This is too much. We have to start progressing instead of grinding at some point. This is like training your starter Pokemon to the next evolution before the professor even gives you the opportunity to name him! Then you have to see him say “Oh? He’s already evolved…” almost like he’s sneering at you for going through all that work just to evolve him immediately. Ah man… That’ll be it from me. Let me know your thoughts and we’ll probably watch the next episode. Probably. 


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