I’m Not Watching Stein’s;Gate 0…

For the same reason I do not like the Fate/Series. There’s always an inconsistent level of coherency that comes with visual novels with different paths or endings. I see no appeal in having different “canon” routes. It completely defeats the purpose of it all. If someone died in the first route then you can easily just fix it by changing to a different route? But even then, they still died in the other route so does any of it feel real? It’s that kind of undefined story-telling that feels… like plastic.

Think about it: If you can so easily exchange the results of the story you’re diving into then what reason is there to be engaged?  What reason is there to believe in a world that has no definitive history behind it? Why care about characters? 

One of the more (and only) valid criticism I got in my “The Incoherency of the Fate/Series” video regarding the appeal of this format was to see the same or similar characters in different points within the same history. That’s how I pretty much interpreted it. Alright. Dandy. But, like, that just seems like so much work for such a minuscule thing and, at the end of the day, you’re still rewriting the history that’s supposed to build the world! Add tension and all these things that come with creating a coherent and singular story line. At that point, I’d rather the writer just make a completely new story. The existence of Stein’s;Gate 0 alone makes me want to lower my scoring for the original Stein’s;Gate. I knew Stein’s;Gate was a visual novel adaptation but I was fine ignoring it and settling on this story line because I fucking loved it!

Now, Stein’s;Gate 0 got an adaptation. Same setting, characters but completely different route and, as far as I know, they’re both canon. All I gain from this is: the original story feels less real because there’s another route with different results. It’s like being able to choose to live in different worlds with different results. We could live in a world where WW2 didn’t happen! You can also choose to live in a world where war is all that happened. Or one where war never happened. Cool to have options but it makes life feel.. Inorganic. Colorless. The whole formula is just lame…


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Watching Stein’s;Gate 0…

  1. This is very much my issue with alternative takes on stories. It either doesn’t feel real, or it makes the original feel pointless. While I’m hoping Steins;Gate 0 will be an enjoyable watch, part of me is keeping it as a separate experience from the original because I don’t want to change the original ending. I liked it.

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    1. Very unfortunate for me that I cannot view it as “separate experiences”. Because I know, very well, it’s not entirely meant to be a “separate” experience. It’s meant to be an addition to already existing history. I wish I could just ignore that but my suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

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