My Hero Academia Episode 3 Analytical Review│I’m Just Gonna Drop It Here…

Just like the last episodic review I am starting late into this one because I already made a post discussing my thoughts on the first 2 episodes. Link.

I’m also ending this one here. I… Don’t what to say. I can’t continue watching My Hero Academia when i’m given this level of quality. It’s baffling to me because technically not much has changed. Academia has always been slow and inefficient. The basis for why it was good up until now has been due to having incredibly unique characters and working in some pretty awesome fights between them. Not just choreographically but narratively. But it hasn’t necessarily progressed any further in the grand scheme of things. That begs the question: how much of its “quality” up until now has been a result of luck? I’ve been down this road a dozen times before. Almost a dozen times the answer has left me in disappointment.

So, there’s your reason for why i’m dropping My Hero Academia. Will it get better? Possibly. But i’m not gonna put effort into something that’s likely going to flop either way. Not again. I always stray my life away from the demon of redundancy. For it is the only demon I truly despise. Don’t think i’m not sad. I loved a lot of the characters in this show. I think the majority of them are still great! Even in this very episode I enjoyed watching as they trained in cooperation. A lot of the ways they partnered up to build their quirks was amusing. Was it a good scene? No. None of this training entirely makes sense. Why?

Because it’s built on the theory that quirks are like muscles. You train them up by “breaking” them over and over. The lack of definition is what ‘breaks’ it for me. Are the quirks powers or muscles? Magic or biology? If it’s magic… Then this makes no goddamn sense. A power within has no muscle, therefore, is impossible to train up by simply “breaking” the muscles. Because, obviously, it has NO muscle. Saying it’s “like” a muscle is contradictory to the obvious fact that it is simply magic.

Interestingly enough, there is another anime I can compare this to: RWBY quickly introduces to us the myth of magic. The idea that it isn’t real is present in the show. Nobody believes in it except for those who clearly know the truth. On another note, There’s such a thing as aura and semblance. Short explanation: Aura is a forcefield that surrounds every organic life-form that has a soul. Semblance is the ‘muscle’ that derives from aura. On first glance, semblance looks like magic! But they debunk that and say “semblance is a muscle” and that’s further proven by its root (aura). So long as the aura is online so is your semblance. You break the aura, you break the semblance. Kind of like bones and muscles, funny how that works! We can clearly define and grasp the concept of why semblance is a muscle.

Here, we’re just told “quirks are LIKE muscles”. As if they obviously put no thought into the mechanics of how it works.  I mean, didn’t anyone watch Fullmetal Alchemist? The whole reason they called it alchemy is because it always revolved around the theory of equivalent exchange. You always had to trade in 1 thing of equal value to make another. If, for whatever reason, that is not the case… It is magic. Quirks are magic. That is the reason why already 40% of this episode falls flat. 50% of this episode also revolves around Kota, that one little kid that had his parent KIA and we’re supposed to care like we never seen this character before? Look, I don’t give a shit. I know how his story is gonna end. The other 10% is the cliffhanger showing that there’s finally gonna be fighting next episode! How exciting… Villains are gonna lose again because plot. It’s not that I want the villains to win but why should I feel any level of tension at this point? What’s the worst that can happen? Couple characters break a few bones…? Maybe get a concussion? 

I’m sorry but i’m not sticking around to watch them go into rehab shortly after the 4th or 5th training arc. Have a good one, friends…


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