3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 4 Analytical Review│That’s How You Become Best Girl

Do I even need to say anything? It’s plain as day this was an amazing episode! Was skeptical there at the very beginning but they smashed it out of the park! Wow, I am still impressed. Thought I’d be dropping the show by now. Uhhhhh… Iroha is amazing. Every single pore is yelling “LOVE HER!” as they should be. This’ll probably turn into an Iroha appreciation post real fast! Well, it already has. First of all, I like how Iroha is not just a stupid, typical anime girl. And I know that doesn’t make sense but i-it is a thing!

There are plenty of moments where she could’ve acted as such. For example, when she called herself “stupid” to Tsutsui and he didn’t deny it- In fact, he kind of agreed. The next set of dialogue seemed clear to me. I thought Iroha was gonna blush, talk in a slightly higher pitch and maybe even have tears welling up in her eyes and say: “Tsutsun! You’re supposed to deny it! Baka…” It’s pretty rare for an anime girl to not be so easily embarrassed. That’s a good bit for le pink-hair Queen. Dibs, by the way. Second thing, she may seem like a kuudere but she isn’t. She’s still one to get flustered. Tsutsui gets a little “out-of-control” and rests his head on her… chest? Shoulder? chest? I’m gonna say chest. It’s a little more intimate that way. So, he lays his head on her chest and she gets a little embarrassed. Rightfully so. But, again, it’s a very romantic yet serious scene. Like, it’s not bloated to sound like a romantic comedy. It’s just a genuine moment of requited love. It is a breath of fresh air to see something like that without dragging it out too long which is a consistent  thing with this show. It’s very well but quickly paced. I like it.

If there’s one thing I still don’t like it’s Ishino. It’s not even just because she’s kind of a bitch but she’s just… There. It’s kind of off-putting because she just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the cast. She hardly shows up this episode but figured it’s still worth mentioning. The bully who shows up. Nice looking guy, popular, typical macho Japanese bleached-hair douchebag. I dislike him very much so… I like him. In the context of the plot. He’s a good character. Nothing too special so far but he earns his keep. I specifically liked it when he saw a police officer nearby and told his little sister to scream to make up a false rumor that Tsutsui, the next Ghandhi, is a lolicon. It’s cool to see he’s not just a brain-dead bully that thinks he can punch his way through every obstacle. In addition, he has a little sister that he, more or less, cares for. Shows that he isn’t just this evil obstacle for the protagonist to leap over. It shows he has humanity. Which is a more common thing in our everyday villains than people let on. Back to Iroha: when this bully; name is Mitsuya. He confronts her and is prepping to confess because he loves her and that’s the whole point of this episode. She quickly dismisses and shuns him. And it was perfect. Just because usually our 2D girls like to beat around the bush or play dumb. She doesn’t mess around and I can’t love her enough for that.

I’m gonna skip over to Tsutsui. Y’know, I joke a lot about how he’s the prodigal son, the second coming of Christ; all these hyperbolic adjectives for fun. And I like the guy! He’s not bad. I just feel he’s a little extreme. He loses his confidence pretty easily. He’s so willing to give up the things that make him happy just because it is unusual for him to even be happy. And I understand there are humans who think like that. However, I am of the opinion that said people can be a little over-dramatic. Nothing wrong with that but I think everything can be resolved with a little more communication. Anxiety’s a bitch but extending your hand a little bit isn’t difficult if you want help from others. So, to see him like this… Is not too cumbersome for me to watch but I don’t feel as connected to his conflicts as I’m sure plenty of others probably will. 

One last thing that: I like seeing more of Iroha. Not just her as Tsutsui’s girlfriend but her as Iroha. I think the show would benefit a lot more if we had a more equal representation. I would like to hear some of Iroha’s thoughts just as they give us Tsutsui’s thoughts. Basically, a duo-protag situation would be lovely for this anime. I’m still heavily skeptical. For the most part, I predict it all going to the way of their relationship forging friendships along the way. The typical “our love cleanses souls” so people like Ishino, like Mitsuha are probably gonna hang around just because… I don’t know. I’m just saying it seems like that’s where this is heading. I can’t say i’m too excited about it. I’ll likely end up dropping this if that is the case. But right now… This is looking to be a better romance than, my all-time favorite romance anime, Kokoro Connect. Looking forward to the next episode.


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