Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 2 “Analytical” Review │Nothing to Say

There are those episode that, for the most part, it is more so informational and less so… Meant to be interesting, I guess? I mean, it was pretty basic. Went back in time from last episode to show how our main character got into GGO and her goals in life… Her goal being that she wants to be short and cute. It’s a stupid goal but hey… At least she has a goal. Don’t get me wrong it’s awful and she’s an awful character. But that’s a million years better than Kazuto. 

So, bla bla bla. She tries Alfheim Online. Doesn’t like it because her character, despite having a cool and sexy design, she despised her height. 36 other games later she finally found a game where her randomly generated avatar was a cute, short piece-of-shit. Whatever. She trains. She gets good. Meets veteran player who’s obviously the rival that probably hits the fan at some point in the show and LLENN has to stop her. Basic shounen-esque story line. I really don’t care about any of this but it wasn’t absolute garbage. Like, even if the last episode was terrible; if you want to sit me down, explain the motivations, how we got to where we are and flesh out the characters then I am fully willing to listen. Believe it or not, I am a patient viewer. If you create something meant to get me invested, I will try. Despite it being an episode meant to set-up a connection between the main characters and the viewers; it did not get me invested. Kudos for trying. But there’s no meat there to engage me on this show. I was also annoyed that there are so many VRMMORPGs to choose from apparently and we ended up in Gun Gale. Such a visually unimpressive setting.

P.S. Isn’t anyone else a little weirded out that Pito’s boobs just look like cones? (In the official splash art)


One thought on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 2 “Analytical” Review │Nothing to Say

  1. This anime doesn’t seem to be attempting to get us invested any time soon. After today’s episode I’m dropping it. I still don’t care about the main protagonist and didn’t even remember her name until I read someone else’s review of the episode.

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