I actually watched this episode yesterday then I did some 3D modeling stuff. Really prioritizing that over the blog recently. So, i’m kind of going off the top of my head. I didn’t even write any notes. I was feeling too exhausted for them. I kind of just wanted to turn it on and enjoy it as is. Which was definitely the right choice! I feel a little more relaxed thanks to that. Very much needed break especially since tomorrow I’ll have to watch the next episode of GGO:A. 

Looking back, I think I can just echo a lot of my praise from last episode. Iroha’s an amazing individual who’s very understanding and genuine. Felt a little closer to her this episode as we got to see more of her perspective and how she’s dealing with the current situation. She points out that she recognizes Tsutsui’s flawed perspective on how he values himself compared to other humans and that’s another amazing part she plays and sets up for the next episode. 

Ito- I haven’t talked about Ito, have I? He’s not a very impressionable character. I might add, Ito is kind of bothersome to watch. And I feel kind of guilty because he’s done no real wrong. But, at the same time, there’s nothing interesting about him. It feels like his entire character exists to be that “otaku friend” Tsutsui seems to be obligated to have for the sake of the plot. And it has worked. Like, As a mechanic, Ito has been very present within the plot. However, as a character, he’s as boring as a washboard. Tsutsui I feel the same about as I did last post. Just not a very relatable character for me, I suppose. But for his character specifically, I did like how he dealt with most of the situations he came across.

What else? Oh yeah! The bully; Mitsuya! I thought he was really cool this episode, as well. He appropriately showed signs of guilt and reacted to Tsutsui’s lack of retaliation like it was some sort of alien strategy to get into his head. It was amusing but, again, it’s one of those moments that bends the line between comedy and sincerity. They made it pretty light-hearted but not overly comedic just as they made it serious but not overly dramatic. Kind of like Tsutui’s entire character, honestly. 

Uhh.. I feel pretty bad. I don’t have much else to say! It was a good episode that was very similar to last episode in how everyone played their part. The only difference is we reached a resolution and set up the conflict to the next episode. So, that really brings me to one fatal flaw I might find within this series and might cause me to drop it. It is just the fact that it has no real meat. I know the characters already. I have a good idea as to how this’ll all end.  Calculate all that and I find myself without reason to watch it all. I’m not really surprised, though. I figured this’ll happen because it’s a high school romance. If anything, it’s pretty admirable that it held my attention this long. Well, we’ll see! Like, I’m not completely tuckered out yet. I’ll hang around for an episode or 2 and maybe I’ll just be so close to finishing it by that point that I’ll just power through the rest of the episodes like I did with Net-juu no Susume. Either way, i’m probably completing this one.


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