Kingdom Hearts Fanatics Harassing Reviewers (Angry Joe Controversy)

I am one of those Kingdom Hearts fans that would suggest playing the games to get a better feel for the story. Uhmm… It’s certainly not the easiest way to get into the series for newer players despite what anyone else says. I think watching summaries, as Angry Joe intends to do, is a much better way. I do think Kingdom Hearts 3 could easily incorporate a manner of filling in new players. The way I would suggest is making a compilation of all the major plot points within Kingdom Hearts and playing that to Utada Hikaru’s music. It shouldn’t take that long. It’s easy to do and I’d argue that’s what Kingdom Hearts does best. 

Most importantly, I know fanbases can get pretty crazy. I know too well! But there’s a difference between fans and fanatics… A smartass is gonna pop in the comments and say “fans is short for fanatics” but you know what I mean. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty disgusting. Suggesting that anyone absolutely HAS to go back and play ALL the games to have any manner of an opinion on Kingdom Hearts 3, despite playing it from beginning to end, is just a defense because they’ve pre-determined that Angry Joe will shit all over it. And then there are these fucking chameleons who’re trying to rationalize this immature behavior and say that Angry Joe’s opinion is any less valid because he doesn’t have “the full experience”. Fucking bullshit!

Nobody is “supposed” to or “needs” to play the previous games to enjoy certain games later on in the timeline. Video games are NOT movies. I love story-based games more than I probably should! But video games are video games first and stories second. Kingdom Hearts is NOT a good game just because of its story. It’s a video game that is fun. And when someone new comes around; you shouldn’t tell them how to play a game or what games to play first! Let them just play the fucking game! Let the game be fun for them! Let them decide if they wanna invest more time into the story and play the other games. And if you think you’re entitled to tell them otherwise then you’re a disgusting fanatic…


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