Sword Art Online: Alternative – Wrap-up

So I kind of just wanna wrap things up since I started doing episodic reviews (then I stopped.) on GGO:A. If you want to start from the beginning before read the rest of this probably short diatribe then here are the links to the other posts containing my opinion on the first 3 episodes and really… My opinion right now as it has not changed much since I last wrote about GGO:A.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Episode Review #1

Sword Art Online Alternative: Episode Review #2

Sword Art Online Alternative: Episode Review #3

Alright, ready? Okay! So… I don’t remember much actually. I believe after LLENN and M won the first Squad Jam they did a fuckin’ recap episode and then a lot of bullshit. Like, the main character’s inner conflict is that she’s too tall and she wants to be small. It sounds stupid when I say it like that it’s not even like… It’s not that ridiculous. Compared to a lot of things this anime has done; it’s one of the more fine things. 

The biggest problem, constructively, is that GGO:A is sexually confused. Which wasn’t a problem in SAO, for the most part. What I am referring to is: GGO:A does not know the tone it wants to sell us. When a character is talking about murder and the possibility that someone is going after him to kill him or that the person in question is finding pleasure in death and has suicidal tendencies… It’s not really done with a tensive tone. And when there’s usually tension at all it kind of breaks it for a bit of shock factor. Yes, M is usually the perpetrator for a lot of these bipolar-like moments. This is a huge issue because you’re not sure what to make of the plot. You don’t know if the characters are facing a serious problem. After all, the main character is not very worried. So, why should you be? This also makes it hard to connect with the main character because, at the end of the day, of course it’s a fucking problem to have to deal with a suicidal psychopath so it just makes you think the MC is stupid or something. Why isn’t she more afraid? I don’t know. Maybe feel something… Like, anything instead of making the situation look so light. The same goes for a lot of other characters. Miyu has no fucking care in the world.

Karen: “Help me kill someone threatening to kill someone else and threatening to take their own life?”

Miyu: “Fuck yeah! Wanna drop by McDonalds before we go?”

Come on… What is that? Just… No…

I don’t know if I should talk about the ridiculous amount of lolis in the show and the ridiculousness of a pink loli. Well, none of that is particularly annoying until you bring in a pink P90 that has some moments of dialogue..? It talked, that’s for sure. I just don’t know if I should take it as a literal thing that happened or if LLENN was just projecting a persona within “P-Chan”. But i’m gonna gloss over it for my sanity.  What else? Oh yeah ahhh Pito is a stupid… Dumb… Person and terrible character. Absolutely awful despite having a neat design. She’s the closing statement for why this anime is so bad. For a person that LOVES death and loves conditioning humans with the disease of “death”; the whole reason she loses is because she lets so many people live for NO reason! Sure, in some cases, she prolonged certain deaths for her own amusement. But to bring up a few specific moments in the later episodes: she let’s LLENN’s best friend, Miyu, live even though she had a sniper pointed at her limbless body! Ofcourse, later on in the episode she has LLENN pretty much beat but Miyu comes in and saves LLENN with a smoke bomb that landed almost spot on LLENN’s nearly dead body which should’ve killed her but, then again, a lot of things should’ve killed Pito prior to all of this and she’s still alive. Pito also had both of LLENN’s wrists grabbed tightly with one hand and, at one point, a knife in her other hand. You’d think she would just kill her here. But she just throws the knife away and holds onto her for awhile until M and Miyu reconvene with them so that Miyu can save LLENN again.

Anyways, we’re in the car-fight and this scene looks terrible! You got the silly top-down view with explosions happening and the characters talking in the background. It looked like a light-hearted gag. Then, there’s the shots of LLENN and Pito shooting each other which looked very static for some reason. Probably because the characters were just shooting directly at each other without moving but were missing every shot. The music was okay, though. Made it sound more exciting than it is. Lastly or should I say the nail in the coffin was Pito’s whole change of perspective. Before that, they brought up that Pito was using a nervegear. To my impression, I thought “oh shit! So, if she dies in the game she dies in real life?” But apparently that wasn’t the case. She still lived and despite wanting death after she dies in the game… She doesn’t kill herself. She seemingly is fine with the idea of living despite this whole narrative persistently reminding us that she’s a psychopath who seeks a gruesome death within the art of war. She’s just fine because LLENN, a person she barely knows, beat her. And that means something to her, I suppose. Alrighty then! She’s still a bit wack-o like Jack-o but her entire perspective on life changed. Just like that.

What did we learn today? Whether you’re gay, bi, straight.. What else do they make up? Look, just know what you’re attracted to and you’ll do fine. Unless you’re into animals or… Actually there’s a million things you shouldn’t be attracted to so just be into humans about your age. Around that ballpark should be okay.


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