Jungle De Ikou! – The Anime That Baited Me

I like to rummage through anime in random categories sometimes. I ended up finding this… thing. I looked at the cover and thought: “Wow! An anime set within a jungle? That’s not a setting anime normally takes place in!”

Not at all what it was. It was a pre-teen schoolgirl anime. Technically also a magical girl show. So, the whole package. Needless to say, I was greatly disappointed but it was 3 episodes so I stuck around. I can’t emphasize enough how bad it was but it was baaaad! Really bad. But I had fun. That’s generally how this plays out when I watch a bad anime. It’s not that I found it amusing or funny but I am just slightly entertained when it comes to motion pictures. To that point, I think it was partially due to the sheer ridiculousness of watching a preteen anime girl partake in a ritual where she gropes herself and does a lot of weird poses that turns her into a jungle Goddess of sex! The same Goddess who has several abilities that include but are not limited to: enlarging breasts at will. Absorbing things through her breasts. Reflecting things off her breasts. Growing to Godzilla size. All thanks to a weird old man that looks like an even uglier Ghandi with a horn equipped over his penis…

That’s it… That’s… That’s the post. I just wanted you people to know that this exists! This is a thing. You can watch it. Or don’t. I’d really like it if you do. I want everyone to experience it just as I have. It’s amazing.


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