3×3 Eyes – The Anime That Reminded me of my Humanity

The dichotomy between human and monster gets more and more gray as human civilization continues to grow. Even more so with today’s technology convincing you that you do not need to go outside and socialize with the local community around you. This can be a problem for some people because it might result in them understanding less and less about human connections. Stunting their own growth and blocking themselves from understanding the perspectives of other humans…

It’s ironic because just yesterday I saw the teaser trailer for Shane Dawson’s next reality series starring Jake Paul. Shane Dawson; a man I respect greatly and hail as easily the best Youtuber on the platform even if his content is not my cup of tea. Yet, like many others, I had questionable thoughts regarding what he was promoting. After second guessing, I realized that Shane Dawson is a respectable human being and I should have faith that this series comes with good intentions. What’s scary is that there are people who aren’t so open-minded. They will bitch and scream about what Shane Dawson is creating and that’s what I mean by technology turning people into monsters.

Well, 3×3 Eyes (Three-by-Three Eyes. Schooled.) had me reflecting on that. As well as reflecting on how I’ve sought humanity for almost my entire life. If you couldn’t guess by now: 3×3 Eyes is about a young-looking girl named Pai who takes to Japan in search of a boy named Yakumo in order to get him to turn her human. Much like myself back in the day, she’s unsure what exactly it means to be human. I recall not caring about who I was or what I wanted to do. I just did whatever I was told and did it with flying colors. Not interested, in any way, about the lives of others or even my own, really. After finally gaining meaningful human connections I started to wonder who I was and what am I? For all intents and purposes, my understanding of humans were that they were flawed. Imperfect. Susceptible to making a lot of mistakes. Arrogantly, I thought that was the opposite of what I was. A very distinct thought I had was: “It’s easy to not make mistakes”. A clear sign I had some sort of a God complex. To this day, I am a bit narcissistic but mostly it’s in a joking manner. I’m not half as arrogant as I might have been 4 or 5 years ago. In fact, that experience has made me very self-aware. I know when I am good or bad at something and I will be truthful about it.

Pai’s seeking something a little more non-abstract. She believes that humanity is not who she is but what she is. Similar to how I thought. She thinks losing her powers will give her humanity. The irony of the situation is she’s probably more human than most people. She’s a carefree, kind and gentle girl. As well as being a total airhead. Even in terms of appearance you would never notice this chick was some ancient demon until she opened her third eye.

This theme is most prevalent in the 2nd episode, if anything. When Yakumo’s friends witness him get fucking crushed with blood splattered everywhere and they start seeing him as nothing but a scary monster. Only to realize by the end that they were acting like the monsters. Oh yeah, Yakumo is immortal because Pai’s ability is to bond with someone and grant them a connection that only kills the user if the granter dies. A sweet story, I suppose. But 3×3 Eyes has major grievances that I cannot overlook. Like how the pacing and animation is seizure-inducing. It’s a 90s show that people will say looks like some sort of masterpiece but it looks like a bunch of fucking gob to me and when it cuts back n’ forth 20 times in a span of a second I feel like barfing. I like the art style n’ all but sometimes I can’t make sense of what’s going on.

More on pacing: something will just fucking happen. From minor points like Yakumo complaining that he won’t help such a “filthy-looking” girl (she was filthy) then the next frame would be her standing in a black dress; seemingly bathed to major plot points like Yakumo confessing his love for Pai and then next scene she instantly disappears. For plot reasons. “Build-up” is not a technique for this one. Most of the characters aren’t interesting except for Pai. And that’s only because she’s got split-personality disorder. Going from ditsy, child-like to stoic, prideful usually when she has to fight. Almost like the monster inside can possess her at will. Besides that the rest of the cast are bland and mediocre. Yakumo himself is just your everyday caring, harmless and respectable hero. Ling Ling’s some badass spiritualist who works for a company that I believe is about journalizing the Supernatural. Don’t remember. Anyways, the twist is that she’s not actually a spiritualist before meeting Yakumo and Pai. Rather, she works for the industry simply because it pays. Interesting…

Regardless of these guys, I think the most unrespectable one has to be Mei Xing Long. Also a badass fighter who studied martial arts. A bit more aggressive then Ling Ling, maybe. What I disdain about her is that she’s kidnapped by a monster cult group to be offered as a sacrifice. Mind you, she hadn’t even imagined monsters to be real by this point so this is just the tip of the fucking iceberg! She wakes up dressed in skimpy clothes tied up to some altar whilst being greeted by this scary-looking motherfucker with a tongue so long it’s capable of reaching all the way up even Kim Kardashian’s anus. A little later on, this same monster is forcing Yakumo to cut open her stomach. Predictably, he cuts off his own hand to ensure he doesn’t allow that to happen. You would think Mei Xing would be absolutely mortified from this situation but anime logic dictates she falls in love with Yakumo instead. Completely fine with the reality that monsters exist and that she was almost made into a virgin sacrifice.

Incredibly silly but i’m tuning out now. Heh! Later alligators… I’m leaving that in.


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