Dog & Scissors – The Anime About Dogs and Scissors

If there’s ever a reason to write about something it’s to try to understand the subject in question. Pick apart at the seams and grasp what the fuck you just witnessed. That is precisely what I am going to attempt with Dog & Scissors. If you have any theories to offer then I am all ears.

What I do know is that it is about the bookworm, Kazuhito Harumi; a protagonist with the hentai MC haircut. As well as Kirihime Natsuo. The most highly-acclaimed author in this anime’s contemporary who goes by the pen name “Akiyama Shinobu”. As well as being Kazuhito’s absolute favorite author. Idolizing her most popular series: “Seven Deadly Sins”. One day, he witnesses a robber try to do his robbing at a cafe and saves a lady in black albeit at the cost of his life. unbeknownst to him, that lady was his idol: Akiyama Shinobu. Of course, it’d be silly not to mention that he was resurrected as a dog. We’re to assume his deep regret for not being able to read the last volume in his favorite series, dubbed to be “Lust”, was so strong that it resurrected him solely for this purpose. In addition to the fact that Kirihime is able to read his mind. As well as her editor for some reason. Thus starts the eccentrically non-sensical adventures of Dog & Scissors where you might think their intent is to turn Kazuhito back into a human but they just don’t care and we’re mainly following Kirihime’s career. With the usual craziness that comes with watching a hyperbolically illogical anime.

Like little sisters going off the rails and buying a giant knife/chainsaw/rocket launcher on Amazon (not actually amazon but you get the idea.) Or elite trained maids that surprisingly makes little to no impact in the anime at all. I did look up a few opinions on the show and all I really got was that it was all some dominatrix fetish kind of deal. Like, I can see where that’s coming from but I don’t think that’s what this was going for at all. I mean, there’s plenty of erotic ideas, for sure! The relationship between Kirihime owning Kazuhito as a dog is what I’d imagine some people would be into. Kirihime’s editor, Hiiragi, is very open about her masochism. Going as far as partaking in club activities specifically geared for such a reason. There are more female characters that embody a type of fetish appeal certain people may like as well. Almost anyone would be willing to smash Sakura, the cashier at the bookstore, for being the kind, caring and intelligent woman that she is. Maxi Akizuki, self-proclaimed rival to Kirihime, is an extraordinary idol with revealing skin. Believe it or not, I do think there’s a niche where people do get off from Hami Oosawa’s extremely low self-esteem. To the point where she finds difficulty accepting committing suicide because it might be a drag to people in her vicinity. 

Yes, that all exists. But I do think there’s more to it. Would uncovering what it is help me appreciate this more? Likely not. I think it’s safe to assess this isn’t a very good show. The fact that it’s so convoluted should say, at least, that much. Can’t help my curiosity, though. As out there as it gets it’s obviously about Kirihime seeking affection from Kazuhito. She loves him. She wants him to notice her affections but obviously she finds herself incapable to be straight-forward with her feelings. Defecting instead to the elementary schoolgirl attitude of treating him poorly. Seemingly only lowers her guard when she thinks Kazuhito is complimenting her, as a woman, but really it’s just him talking about her books. The primary obstacle was that Kirihime was in a bit of a slump. “Writer’s block”, if you will. But that gets resolved fairly quickly. I’d say by the end of episode 3 she finishes another novel. But important distinction is that it’s not the “Lust” that Kazuhito literally lives for at this point.

In fact, he often brings up how she hasn’t been working on it and she seems to just avoid it by throwing her scissors at him or something. This leads me to believe that she doesn’t wanna finish it because if she does then Kazuhito’s spirit might be set free after he reads it. I suppose it might be about accepting that loved ones aren’t gonna stick around forever. Even though they kind of did that with Kazuhito’s little sister. But like, this is my best possible answer. I don’t think I can come up with anything else… Yeah, i’m done.

There were interesting ideas that were presented to me. I really like the character designs and I am starting to think it might be because I favor characters that look older than your typical anime girl. There was a lot of that in this. Kirihime’s design especially felt very contained but also distinct. I believe that’s because older characters have a better grasp on who they are as people and they’re more aware of their tastes. So they better understand what type of clothes they want to wear etc. It helps they aren’t forced to constantly wear uniforms. Another bizarre thought I had in mind is about dogs reading. First of all, I’ve convinced myself that this isn’t even an impossible thing. I am almost sure dogs can read. Whether they understand it or not is another story but even that I find there might be room to debate. Maybe i’m crazy but even so I think this is a cool, potential idea to entertain putting in a story of some kind. Not necessarily make it a big deal or anything but just to establish that dogs can read and go on deliveries for their owners. Small stuff like that to create a unique perspective within your fictional world. 

I think that’s it for me. It’s late and I don’t think I’ve come to a satisfying enough answer but that’s generally expected even when you spend about an honor thinking and writing about your curiosities.


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