Lugar Code 1951 – The Anime that’s Tokyo Ghoul but with Werewolves

Lugar Code 1951 is a 1-episode ONA about the war between werewolves and humans. War. A bloody phenomenon made by 2 opposing parties generally due to desire or protection. A terrible reality that literature has famously captured over the years is how war can also be caused by misunderstanding or, more specifically, how easily humans are to jump to conclusions. In anime, the most popular anime to cover this topic in recent time has been Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul’s answer for war achieved in this way is to create a “halfsies” creature. Half-ghoul, half-human. This comes under the pretense that the oppositions cannot even begin to communicate with one another. Not because they don’t speak the same language but because they don’t try to listen. They’re so warped by their differences they feel there’s no reason to believe they share any kind of hardships or reasoning. To each other war is all they see. 

Generally within fiction we’re led to believe that we’re supposed to sympathize with the party that’s opposing humans. Because humans are the most dominant species and their ever-expanding civilization has gone so over their heads that they’re seen as greedy. With that said, I’ll probably stop talking about such a topic here as Luger Code doesn’t really go beyond that. It’s 1 episode which means it’s really just setting up that conflicting narrative; not exploring it. But if I had to guess the manga explores both parties separately. The wilderness that encompasses wolvenkind through Testa, a halfsies, along with his love interest; Yonaga. A cursed werewolf (being cursed means you can turn humans into pseudo-werewolves, I suppose). Whilst we witness what humankind and their military branches think of wolvenkind through the eyes of Alex Rossa. Testa’s human mentor and friend. Unfortunately separated due to Yonaga having to turn Testa half-wolf so that he would be able to save Alex from a werewolf attack. 

But that’s my theory. I would like to talk about this specific narrative whenever I talk about Tokyo Ghoul, which I think is inevitable. I think it’s a really interesting and one that’ll spring a lot of discussion. As I am sure its already have. Luger Code’s not amazing. I feel the characters aren’t very smart at all. Like, they tie up a couple of ill-mannered humans mistreating a werewolf(Yonaga) they captured and moved them inside a cabin in the woods. Threatening to get them court-martial’d and all that jazz. But one of the guys tied up, who we later find out is a werewolf-in-disguise, asks them if they’ve deciphered the luger code. That being the sound wolves make with their ears to communicate with one another. Testa, human at the moment, tells Alex that he has a theory about the Luger Code. But he’s lying and later says his “theory” is that humans can’t decipher it and you need wolf ears. This information has been contrived in two instances. The first being where the werewolf-in-disguise deliberately tries to get them to tell him if they deciphered the lugar code. They attempt to show him by taking off Yonaga’s muzzle and communicate with her. Like, why? Why do you need to prove to this one crook military officer that you deciphered the luger code? Especially when you didn’t! How did you not think that Yonaga would not try to howl for help, either? It does not make any sense they’d be so stupid. Especially since Testa is hailed as some sort of ethnological genius and Alex is a respected and talented military officer. 

The second instance is where Testa tells Alex that he discovered humans can’t decipher the luger code in front of Yonaga and the werewolf-in-disguise as they’re attempting to make it back to their truck. Information the werewolf was looking for this whole time. Instead of making an attempt to escape with this information, the werewolf reveals himself and attacks Testa and Alex. Even turning against Yonaga; fellow werewolf, after she tried to communicate with him using the luger code. Fast forward a little bit and Alex gets caught. Testa is injured and Yonaga decides to turn Testa so that he can help Alex. Show ends. Just in time to convince you that maybe you should read the manga! Heyooooo!

Final notes? The logo looks so unfitting for the aesthetic of the show. Looks like the logo of a 90s anime. That’s about it.


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