Anime Directorial Study 01: Chance Pop Session

This series will be an intermediate analysis of the directing work and more inside certain anime I find that have flaws that are also common inside the industry. As well as rare cases of genius. In essence, I wanna shine a light on a lot of the smaller issues and successes so that we can learn to fix or incorporate them rather than continue leaving them be. The following may contain jests of drugs such as LSD and whatever Yuki was taking in this scene. 

The most glaring issue within Chance Pop Session is how it excels at wasting time. I don’t just mean the fact that each episode starts off with a 30 seconds intro adding up to about, I don’t the exact numbers… Oh! 3 minutes and 10 seconds of wasted screen time. Excluding the opening which is 2 minutes per episode. There’s also the montage that happens in the middle of almost every episode I assume because of low budgets. No! i’m not taking any of that into account. Definitely not holding that against them. Let’s nitpick shall we?

Episode 2 is where a lot of the crops start dying. Akiba Kisaragi, Director of her own music school is having a discussion with her business manager.

Manager: “And now this special class? When I think we should stick to lesson classes”.

Manager continues… “If I had my way this school will be primarily concerned with lesson classes. I don’t understand this… What do you call it? S-class?”

The redundancy is very much… Annoying. In the initial sentence he made his point to stick to lesson classes yet he rephrases the same sentence and states it over again. A not so subtle form of bad writing. Also his delayed ability to put two-and-two together. Questioning the name of special class; not so much realizing that it is just a shortened version of ‘special class’ has me questioning not just his performance as business manager but his ability to even brush his teeth in the morning. Despite Akiba saying he is useful. Can you blame me? he’s a dumb shitter. Thankfully, I can confirm he does not make another appearance. 

Time to skip a little bit. Reika, otherwise known as “Mommy issues”, has a flashback to her days in the orphanage where Akiba, otherwise known as “Can’t keep her kids in one place”, decides to adopt Reika. I find this whole scene completely worthless. Up to this point and for a lot longer, we have no reason to emphasize with Reika. Not until they show off her jealously in another LSD-like scene. Reika’s role in the show is NOT to be human. It is to be an idea. An idol. Sure it is nice to know she’s human. But her vivacious attitude and sad faces demonstrate that just fine. This whole scene accomplishes absolutely nothing. 

Jun’s whole character is a bit inconsistent. She follows the typical schtick of believing life is only a competition ruled by the best and believes she is such thing. of course, this comes with a two-faced nature that smiles at judges and frowns upon her competitors. Cocky little bitch but she’s surprisingly easy to push around. 

But this isn’t about her specifically. When she’s shown her study room along with Akari she immediately runs towards a bookcase and is enamored with the amount of CDs in the room. She says aloud the following statement:

Jun: “I’m gonna listen to every single one of these”.

When a character talks to themselves I used to take it as a sign of a possible mental illness. Then it kind of came to a point where it just seemed like a normal thing. I don’t really get it. Sometimes it can give useful information albeit that information should be given in a less unnatural way. In this case, there was no new information. The line itself suggests that Jun is excited to listen to the CDs. Which we already know based on her reaction to the amount of CDs and her excited movements. So, you have to ask the following questions:

  • Is she retarded?
  • Is she high?
  • Is she drunk?

As the viewer, there was no hints for any of this to be the case. We don’t know what Jun does in her day, who she is outside of being the obligatory rival of the first arc or where she styled her hair. Seriously! This is information I wanna know! How did she make it so perfect? Whatever… Jun talking to herself is unnatural and useless. 

While i’m on this episode it just occurred to me that Akari said she would “die without be able to sing”. What is a Christian girl talkin’ about dying for something that isn’t other than the holy lord Jesus who granted us a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3?!?! Fuckin’ harlot!

Kaito‘s uneventful death was due to an accident where he pushed a little boy out of the way of a speeding truck. I fucking hate it whenever I see this specific scenario play out because it makes no sense! If you push someone out of the way why not also jump out of the way as well? Especially when you’re shoving a child out of the way it’s pretty easy to just jump & shove. You might break his arm depending on how you land but it beats dying, dumbass.

This led to Akari having an acid trip. Oh wait no! That was just the “angel of music” they always talk about. Which I found weird at first but then they just kept going on and on about it. Until the so-called angel of music played a part in the plot. And it’s not like the angel of music played a character. He was just this random guy with a pug that miraculously fixed everything the moment things went bad. Oh? There’s a possibility the main characters won’t be able to sing together? Let’s have the angel of music piss out a little bit of cocaine over their heads so that everyone changes their mind. And, for some reason, force Yuki to laugh uncontrollably. I’m always going to question that moment!

That’s all from me. Let me know what you thought in the comments below while I do something else that has nothing to do with drugs…


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